Ilsa, The Wicked Warden

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 by Vomitron -

Ilsa, The Wicked Warden   Greta italian posterCR 82x120 reviews horror drama Director: Jess Franco
Erwin C. Dietrich and Jess Franco
Release year:
German title:
GretaHaus Ohne Männer

Germo-Latino tabsploitation

Ilsa, The Wicked Warden   Offscreen 2010 mini logo reviews horror drama Abbie Phillips (Tania Busselier) suspects her sister – lets call her Sophie, shall we? – is being mistreated in a mental hospital. When she looses all contact with Sophie, she comes up with a plan to have herself committed to the asylum by Dr. Arcos (Jess Franco), who on his terms also suspects foul play within the walls of the institute. That’s her way to try and find out what happened to her sister. With holding the friendly Dr. Arcos at gunpoint while explaining her idea, you can already suspect that she didn’t think things through properly, let alone this being one of the more clever ideas she ever came up with. A poor girl with a plan doomed to failure, as the place she so desperately wants to get into is run be Greta (that’s Ilsa, the She Wolf of the SS re-incarnated as the exact spitting image of Dyanne Thorne), a very nasty warden who’s only joy in life seems to be torturing women, throwing depraved sex & rape parties, playing vicious S&M games and a bit of that good old killing for pleasure too.


Offscreen Film Festival 2010

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 by Vomitron -

Offscreen Film Festival 2010   Offscreen poster 2010 CR 211x300 news A year has come & gone and Offscreen Film Festival is ready to kick off the third edition of their annual festivities.  From the 4th of March to the 21st, this year’s program will again take you on a voyage across extravagant cinematographic landscapes. A trip down Japanese, European & Italian genre cinema from past days as well as an introduction to some freshly released films from today’s world cinema.

“Film fans with a taste for the unconventional and the unusual, rejoice!”

In this news flash you’ll find the trailer of this year’s edition, a blurb from Offscreen’s website explaining briefly what all you can expect and to get your cinephilic juices flowing, we’ve compiled a photo gallery with some poster art & movie stills all related to the films on Offscreen’s 2010 program.

Images often say more than words, so we’ll leave it at that. Now proceed and go click on some things below… and be amazed!


Otis ‘n’ Dwayne looks trashy, nasty & tasty

Friday, February 5th, 2010 by Vomitron -

We’ve kindly been brought to the attention of a new independent film in the final stages of post-production, named Otis ‘n’ Dwayne.

Otis n Dwayne looks trashy, nasty & tasty   OnD bannerCR news

The synopsis reads a little like this:

“Two androgynous creatures embark on a psychotronic journey of self-discovery in a cruel, unusual and mostly male world. This comedy about two gay androids abandoned in a New Jersey suburb inhabited by God, the devil, and other lowlifes is a f*cked up movie for f*cked up times.”

Otis n Dwayne looks trashy, nasty & tasty   OnD taglineCR news


Pink Flamingos

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 by Coventry -

Pink Flamingos   PinkFlamingosPoster 02 76x120 reviews comedy Director: John Waters
John Waters
Release Year:

Pink Flamingos   Offscreen 2013 minilogo reviews comedy Requires not one, not two, but at least three extended showers to wash away the filth.

While trying to preserve her dubious title of honor “The Filthiest Person Alive”, Babs Johnson (Divine) will have to compete with Baltimore-based couple Raymond & Connie Marble (David Lochary & Mink Stole), whose habits are quite possibly even more disgusting. Be prepared to be repulsed!


Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Sunday, January 4th, 2009 by Perfesser Deviant -

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls   svd011 79x120 reviews horror Director: Lucifer Valentine
Writer: Lucifer Valentine
Release Year: 2006

What hath MTV wrought?

People have sex, throw up, and get killed. Yeah, that’s it really.


The Crippled Masters

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 by Vomitron -

The Crippled Masters   crippledmasters cover 82x120 reviews horror action Director: Joe Law
Writer: none, apparantly
Release Year: 1979
Mandarin title: Tian Can Di Que

Limbless Kungfu

The Crippled Masters   offscreen 2008 mini logo reviews horror action Let’s get right to the point: The Crippled Masters is a fantastic horrible movie. Hilarious and cringeworthy scenes follow one another at rapid speed, while this crippled kungfu extravaganza unfolded before our very eyes at last year’s ‘Freakshow Friday’, part of a midnight screening series at Offscreen Film Festival.


The Sinful Dwarf

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 by shuizmz and Vomitron -

The Sinful Dwarf   sinful dwarf severin 84x120 reviews horror drama Writer: Vidal Raski
Director: Harlan Asquith & William Mayo
Release year: 1973
Danish title: Dvaergen

Great evil can sometimes come in very small packages….

I have waited quite a while to see this film. I do not exactly know why I wanted to see it so badly, considering I have a great distaste and fear towards dwarves, little people, midgets….whatever the hell they are called. I guess for someone who is well over 6 feet tall, it makes sense that my fears are of things that are tiny.