Knight of the Peeper

Friday, June 17th, 2011 by Perfesser Deviant -

Knight of the Peeper   Knight of the Peeper poster 83x120 reviews horror Director: Jose Sombra
: Claude Anders, Dan Dare & Jose Sombra
Release Year
: 2006

He … uh … peeps.

A modern sex-murderer and a resurrected medieval sex-murderer both murder women over sex. Yeah.



Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 by Perfesser Deviant -

Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing   Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing poster 85x120 reviews horror comedy Director: Max Von Diesel
: Clancy Fitzsimmons, Bruce G. Hallenbeck & Max Von Diesel with story help from Helen Black, John Bacchus & Michael Beckerman
Release Year
: 2004

Drain them … wet?

Willamina Van Helsing (Erika Smith) is enlisted by her dead Uncle Abe Van Helsing (Bob MacKay) to slay Dracula’s daughter, Countess Dracula (Darian Caine). Since Willamina is completely unable to defeat the Countess, instead she allies with her in a move so diabolically intelligent and calculated that I’m certain she planned it in advance rather than it being the result of poor writers using it as a way to show a lot of women doing things to other women. After all, Seduction Cinema has standards….