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Shredder   Shredder poster 84x120 reviews horror Director: Greg Huson
: Craig Donald Carlson & Greg Huson
Release Year
: 2003

Icy kills.

Cole Davidson (Scott Weinger) is dating rich bitch Kimberly Van Arx (Lindsey McKeon) who tells him that she’ll finally put out if he takes her on a skiing trip. She doesn’t tell him that she’s invited her cousin Pike (Juleah Weikel), amateur filmmaker Skyler (Billy O’Sullivan), bitchy friend (Holly Towne), and pothead Kirk (Peter Riggs) along on his dime as a crew of cock-blockers. It turns out that her dishonesty goes further still as the resort she’s taking them to was shut down after a tragic accident claimed the life of a little girl when she was hit by some drunken jerkoff snowboarders, much like most of the cast….