Addicttron / All Circuits Go

Friday, February 26th, 2010 by Red Steele -

Addicttron / All Circuits Go   addicttron robo 150x110 video

Bart de Melker (aka Brat P. Milk) is a Belgian experimental filmmaker active in various fields as an animator, graphic designer and VJ.

Due to the affinity we feel with his oeuvre so far, we take some humble pride & pleasure in presenting his first two independently produced shortfilms, All Circuits Go (2004) and Addicttron (2007).

Using the art & crafts of stop-motion, Bart de Melker creates an abstract universe inhabited by absurd robotics and possessed technology gone awry. Two short tales about charmingly eerie Animatronics from the Doomed Megalopolis of Blasphemous Technoids.

Yes, we just made that last line up ourselves.


Cannibal Flesh Riot!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 by Vomitron -

Cannibal Flesh Riot!   CFR poster 81x120 reviews horror comedy Director: Gris Grimly
Writer: Gris Grimly
Release year: 2007

Like Lovecraft with a stench of foul humor

Stash and Hub are two redneck ghouls. Each night they prowl the cemetary and raid the graves to feast upon the freshly buried. But tonight, they are about to awaken something evil, as the dead are fep up with being taken advantage of…


Ghoultown, “Mistress Of The Dark”

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 by Red Steele -

Good Evening Girls & Ghouls,

Check this out:

Ghoultown, Mistress Of The Dark   ghoultown elvira 150x83 video The Official Music Video for Ghoultown‘s song “Mistress of the Dark”

Starring the cult icon Elvira
Guest starring David Backhaus
Directed by Gris Grimly

Click “more” to watch it!


The Furfangs

Friday, February 26th, 2010 by Vomitron -

The Furfangs   The Furfangs poster 84x120 sci fi reviews horror comedy Director: Andrea Ricca
Andrea Ricca
Release year:

Invasion of the Munchies

Ever had your home invaded by a bunch of obnoxious space critters while all you wanted to do is relax, lay back and dream about the wedding ring you’re going to give to your girflriend…? Didn’t think so.


The Guardian

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by Vomitron -

The Guardian   guardian postercr 89x119 reviews horror fantasy Director: Andrea Ricca
Writer: Andrea Ricca
Release year: 2009

An short adventure on the smallest scale

An archeologist discovers an ancient goblet at a Medieval castle setting. Upon removing it, he awakens its guardian who wants it back.


There will come soft rains

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 by Coventry -

There will come soft rains   cover01 96x120 sci fi reviews animation DirectorNazim Tulyakhozayev
WriterNazim Tulyakhozayev, based on a story by Ray Bradbury and inspired by a Sarah Teasdale poem
Release year1984

Perplexing Russian short

There will come soft rains   offscreen 2009 mini logo sci fi reviews animation The year is 2026. Nuclear devestation has happened. In one house, tireless robots and absurd machinery once programmed by humans, continue to perform their monotonous tasks…


UFO Race

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 by Vomitron -

UFO Race   UFO poster 92x120 sci fi reviews comedy Director: Andrea Ricca
Writer: Andrea Ricca
Release year: 2009

Aliens like to drag

An unsuspecting driver gets challenged to a drag race by a bunch of bored aliens visiting earth.