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Sasqua   Sasqua poster art red 68x120 reviews horror Director: Channon Scot
Channon Scot
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After 35 years of obscurity…

A bunch of hippies move into an abandoned farmhouse out in the woods in rural New England. Deputy Richard (Dick Bryan) is always hassling them and of course when the bloody Bigfoot murders start, the hippies are blamed.


The Story of Sasqua

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The Story of Sasqua   Sasqua coverpic 99x120 interviews articles In August 1975, after a long production period full of struggles, ‘Sasqua’ had its theatrical release in the USA. Shortly after, however, the film vanished into obscurity. The film never received distribution on VHS or DVD and along the years became as much a mystery as the legendary Sasquatch creature it tells the tale of. Another forgotten film that seems untraceable? Not quite so, as things have surfaced and the beast has reared its head again…