- 12 mini-reviews from BIFFF 2011 -

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 by Vomitron -

  12 mini reviews from BIFFF 2011     BIFFF 2011 poster cr 84x120 thriller reviews sci fi reviews horror fantasy drama comedy action Director: The 29th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
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  12 mini reviews from BIFFF 2011     BIFFF 2011 minilogo thriller reviews sci fi reviews horror fantasy drama comedy action A brief BIFFF 2011 overview

Your devoted viewer attended 12 theatrical screenings during BIFFF 2011. A mixtures of genres and a variety of topics, with the occasional/obligatory vampires & zombies thrown in the mix. An overview starting with Andy Fetscher‘s second feature ‘Urban Explorer’ and ending with John Carpenter‘s newest ‘The Ward’. Find out & read all about the movies that lie in between, below…


Bunny Lake Is Missing

Sunday, March 30th, 2014 by Coventry -

Bunny Lake Is Missing   Bunny Lake poster 01 78x120 thriller reviews reviews drama Director: Otto Preminger
Writer: John Mortimer and Penelope Mortimer, based on a novel by Marryam Modell
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Bunny Lake Is Missing   Offscreen 2014 minilogo thriller reviews reviews drama Peculiar but fascinating psycho-thriller

When Ann Lake goes to pick up her daughter after her first day of school, the little girl is nowhere to be found. With a Scotland Yard inspector finding no criminal evidence of abduction and no further trace of the girl’s disappearance, Ann’s brother Steven decides to take matters into his own hands.


Dead Ringers

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 by J. Luis Rivera -

Dead Ringers   dead ringers dvd red11 80x120 thriller reviews reviews horror drama Director: David Cronenberg
Writer: Norman Sinder and David Cronenberg based on a book by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland
Release Year: 1988

Love is the deadliest disease

Few filmmakers have a style as clearly defined as Canadian director David Cronenberg, whose career has been developed on a constantly evolving path moving from the themes of extreme physical horror of his early years (which culminate in the awesome remake of “The Fly” in 1986) to the subtler, psychologically oriented (though no less disturbing) themes of his recent work. Like a trip from the outer body horror to the inner one, the one of the mind.



Thursday, May 7th, 2009 by Vomitron -

Dream   dream alterna poster 85x120 romance reviews fantasy drama Director: Kim Ki-Duk
Writer: Kim Ki-Duk
Release year: 2008
Korean title: Bi-Mong

Destructive romance on a higher level

Dream   bifff2009 minilogo romance reviews fantasy drama When Jin enters his realm of dreams, an unknown woman acts out his experiences for real in a state of unawareness. Discomforting events increase dramatically when the faiths of these two lost souls become more and more entangled.



Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 by Coventry -

Grace   grace posterCR 81x120 reviews horror drama Director: Paul Solet
Writer: Paul Solet
Release year: 2009

Not Without My Bloodthirsty Daughter

Grace   bifff2009 minilogo reviews horror drama Madeline is pregnant, and that’s all that matters to her. She’ll give birth, one way or the other, dead or alive. Actually, dead and alive. The newborn baby, that is.


Harry un ami qui vous veut du bien

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 by Vomitron -

Harry un ami qui vous veut du bien   Harry posterCR 83x120 thriller reviews reviews horror drama comedy Director: Dominik Moll
Dominik Moll and Gilles Marchand (poem “Un poignard en peau de nuit” by Francis Villain)
Release year:

Never trust a helping hand

This film had been on my to-see list ever since it came out. I can gladly say that it perfectly fulfilled my expectations. The only advice I can give, is to not expect to be overwhelmed by the time the film ends. Though things get pretty demented at times, the ways of this film are strangely subtle & sinisterly humorous. If you’ve enjoyed Michael Haneke‘s Funny Games (1997), then you should not hesitate to see this French film too.


Killing Obsession

Monday, December 29th, 2014 by Vomitron -

Killing Obsession   Killing Obsession poster 01 67x120 thriller reviews reviews Director: Paul Leder
Writer: Paul Leder
Release Year: 1994
Benelux title: ‘A Killing Obsession’

A Fabulously Shitty Film!

Albert (John Savage) once killed the mother of a little teenage girl he was in love with. He spent half of his life behind the walls of a mental health institute because of this. Due to lack of funding, Albert is now pronounced cured and ready to enter society again. But of course Albert is still utterly insane, and very much ready to go on a killing spree to get to his beloved little Annie Smith (Kimberly Chase), with only the intelligible Dr. Sachs (John Saxon) determined to stop him.



Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 by J. Luis Rivera -

Naboer   IMG 83x120 thriller reviews reviews horror Director: Pål Sletaune
Pål Sletaune
Release Year:
English Title:
Next Door

Naboer   Mr Horror minilogo thriller reviews reviews horror Wild kinky fun with the sexy girls next door.

John is having a hard time with his girlfriend Ingrid leaving him. When his neighbor Anne shows up in his hallway, asking for a helping hand in her apartment, John also meets her sister Kim. The two girls will offer John the kind of distraction he wasn’t exactly anticipating…


Nightmare Detective 2

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 by Vomitron -

Nightmare Detective 2   nd2 poster 84x120 thriller reviews reviews horror drama Director: Shinya Tsukamoto
Writer: Hisakatsu Kuroki and Shinya Tsukamoto
Release year: 2008

The world’s nightmares, on one man’s shoulders.

Nightmare Detective 2   bifff2009 minilogo thriller reviews reviews horror drama Terrifying acts inflicted on fellow student Kikukawa are about to have deadly consequences for Yukie and her friends. Now she can only pray that The Nightmare Detective will live up to his reputation and stop the events which have been set in motion.



Thursday, May 26th, 2011 by Perfesser Deviant -

Paperhouse   paperhouse poster 77x120 reviews horror fantasy Director: Bernard Rose
: Matthew Jacobs based on a novel by Catherine Storr
Release Year
: 1988

We are such stuff as dreams are made on.

Young Anna Madden (Charlotte Burke) pisses off her teacher (Jane Bertish) and goes home sick. In her delirium, she begins drawing a picture of a house that works its way into her dreams. As her illness gets worse and worse, her mother (Glenne Headly) worries a great deal, but more worrying for the audience are her dreams of a boy Marc (Elliott Spiers). These dreams turn out to have some substance as Anna’s doctor – Dr. Sarah Nicols (Gemma Jones) – also has a patient named ‘Marc’ who’s getting worse….