It Waits

Saturday, September 20th, 2008 by Vomitron and Perfesser Deviant -

It Waits   it waits 86x120 reviews horror Director: Steven R. Monroe
: Richard Christian Matheson, Thomas E. Szollosi, and Stephen J. Cannell
Release Year
: 2005
Review by Vomitron & Perfesser Deviant

Yet another reason to avoid ancient Indian burial grounds.

Danielle (Cerina Vincent), a young woman wracked with guilt, takes a job as a forest (power) ranger deep in the mountains. Unfortunately, there is something really mean out there which takes a strong dislike to her….



Monday, February 23rd, 2009 by Perfesser Deviant -

Man Thing   man thing1 81x120 reviews horror DirectorBrett Leonard
WriterHans Rodionoff based on a character by Steve Gerber
Release Year2005

Keep your man-thing to yourself please, there are ladies present.

Oil tycoon Frederic Schist (Jack Thompson) has opened an oil platform in some sacred Indian swamp and people have begun disappearing, including the sheriff. The new sheriff, Kyle Williams (Matthew Le Nevez) and school teacher / environmental protester Teri Elizabeth Richards (Rachael Taylor) try to stop it, despite all the victims being standard-issue rednecks. Killing rednecks is a public service, and I resent anyone trying to slow or halt this necessary work….