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Humains   humains affiche01 88x120 reviews horror Director: Jacques-Olivier Molon and Pierre-Olivier Thevenin
Writer: Jean-Armand Bougrelle, Frédérique Henri, Dominique Neraud and Silvan Boris Schmid
Release year: 2009

Gritty Survival horror with marvelous filming locations

Humains   bifff2009 minilogo reviews horror Professor Schneider and his two closest assistants travel to a remote Alps valley region in Switzerland for an essential anthropology expedition, as they found strong evidence about the origin of the human race that could actually alter all existing evolution theories as we know them. Inevitably, things go wrong before they get worse. Much worse.



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Primal   Primal 2010 dvd CR 84x120 reviews horror Director: Josh Reed
Writers: Nigel Christensen and Josh Reed
Release Year: 2010

Primeval possession

A field research trip to an Australian forest region has a group of university students stranded near a mountain with mysterious cave drawings. They are about to awaken something from its ancient slumber.


Simon Says

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Simon Says   Simon Says dvd front 85x120 reviews horror Director: William Dear
Writer: William Dear
Release year: 2005
Alternative English title: ‘Evil Twins’

Simon Says   Zeno Pictures mini logo reviews horror It’s Raining Pickaxes, Hallellujah!

On a beautiful summer day a bunch of students decide to go on a camping trip. As we all know, that’s never a good idea when you’re starring in a slasher movie. Especially one that has Crispin Glover in a double role as Simon and Stanley, the diabolical backwoods twin brothers.


The Burning

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The Burning   theburning dvd 79x120 reviews horror Director: Tony Maylam
Writer: Harvey Weinstein, Tony Maylam, Brad Grey, and Peter Lawrence
Release Year: 1981

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

A bunch of stupid teenagers accidentally set fire to their camp’s drunken caretaker leaving him scarred badly enough that latex hookers have no interest in him. This makes him a mite bitter, so he returns to the camp to kill some of the superfluous teenagers that seem to congregate there. Some of those degenerates are Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, and Holly Hunter as well as some other recognizable faces….


The Creeping Garden

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The Creeping Garden   06 The Creeping Garden FB 79x120 reviews documentary Directors: Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp
Writers: Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp
Release Year: 2014

The Creeping Garden   Offscreen 2015 mini logo reviews documentary The Secret Garden

Stop watching the skies. Prepare to enter a world unlike you’ve ever encountered, as documentary makers Jasper Sharp and Tim Grabham invite you to look down into the weird and fascinating realm of… Well, simply read on and discover for yourself.


The Forest

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The Forest   forest poster 83x120 reviews horror Director: Donald M. Jones
: Evan Jones
Release Year
: 1982

Family problems cause cannibalism.

Steve (Dean Russell) and Charlie (John Batis) decide to go camping. Not wanting to be left out, the guys’ significant others Sharon (Tomi Barrett) and Teddi (Ann Wilkinson) decide that they were already going camping as well. Unfortunately their chosen campground is within the territory of professional cannibal John (Gary Kent)….


Wolf Creek 2

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Wolf Creek 2   Wolf Creek 2 poster 02 CR 79x120 reviews horror Director: Greg Mclean
Greg Mclean and Aaron Sterns
Release Year:

Wolf Creek 2   BIFFF 2014 mini logo reviews horror Oy Mick, throw another tourist on the barbie!

The deeply disturbed outback pig hunter Mick Taylor is back and bloodthirstier than ever. In this brutal and explicit sequel, he relentlessly pursues various unfortunate people through the enormous and inescapable Wolf Creek crater region.