Forbidden World

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Forbidden World   Forbidden World poster01CR 80x120 sci fi reviews horror Director: Allan Holzman
Tim Curnen, Jim Wynorski and R.J. Robertson
Release year:

A world full of pleasures. The guilty kind.

The members of an isolated research facility on a distant planet in a galaxy far, far away have gotten themselves in a bit of trouble. A genetic experiment did not go according plan. These things rarely do go down as planned and scientists will never learn not to meddle with things they shouldn’t be meddling with. Now some alien hybrid-thing is lose and it’s growing. Not only in size, but also with appetite. A federation marshal is sent in to prevent the scientists from becoming late night monster snacks.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Sunday, March 15th, 2015 by Perfesser Deviant -

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)   Invasion of the Body Snatchers poster 83x120 sci fi reviews horror Director: Philip Kaufman
: W.D. Richter based on a book by Jack Finney
Release Year
: 1978

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)   Offscreen 2015 mini logo sci fi reviews horror A conservative’s dry dream: San Francisco tamed!

The film opens with what looks like ephemeral intestines floating through the void of space looking to spread their mischief on the innocent population of some unsuspecting planet. Luckily they come to Earth where no one is innocent; they end up in San Francisco, California, where people are less innocent still. When the intergalactic spooge settles upon the town of San Francisco it forms nasty little buds with awful red flowers on them….



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Lifeforce   lifeforce poster 1 81x120 sci fi reviews horror Director: Tobe Hooper
Writer: Dan O’Bannon & Don Jakoby based on a book by Colin Wilson
Release Year: 1985

Lifeforce   Offscreen 2015 mini logo sci fi reviews horror The tits that ravaged Old London Town.

Col. Tom Carlsen (Steve Railsback) and his crew take the ESA space shuttle Churchill out to visit Halley’s comet. In the coma of the comet they find an alien spacecraft that contains bat-creatures corpses and three naked human-like creatures under glass (Mathilda May & Christopher Jagger & Bill Malin). Naturally, the astronauts remove these humans and take them back to their ship, but this, as it develops, is an error….


Miami Golem

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Miami Golem   Miami Golem vhs art 73x120 sci fi reviews horror action Director: Alberto De Martino (as Herbert Martin)
Gianfranco Clerici, Vincenzo Mannino and Alberto De Martino
Release year:

Quite an amazing piece of utter nonsense

Reporter Graig Milford (David Warbeck) has seen it all… Vietnam war crimes, cannibal tribes, political shenanigans and what not else. It’s all fine by him and nowadays he’s comfortable working for television in Miami. After interviewing Dr. Schweiker ‘The Nazi’ (Sergio Rossi) about a scientific breakthrough, involving the solution to a puzzling enigma of genetic engeneering, he gets permission to hang around the lab to shoot some additional footage of the newly bred organism. Milford doesn’t mind, so hanging around the lab is what he does. But an accidental electrocution causes the tiny organism – which looks like strawberry-flavored jelly pudding sprinkled with bits of puke – to die… briefly, as it comes back to life seconds later. But then, suddenly, the room is filled with ghostly imagery and eerie moaning sounds. What the hell? Luckily, Milford still had his camera rolling…


One Eyed Monster

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One Eyed Monster   oneeyedmonster poster01 79x120 reviews horror comedy Director: Adam Fields
Writers: Adam Fields, Jordan Fields and Scott Fields
Releas year: 2008

About yellow snow and a pink alien

One Eyed Monster   bifff2009 minilogo reviews horror comedy A group of filmmakers set out to some remote cabins in the mountains to shoot an adult movie. Their shooting schedule will soon be seriously disrupted when they find themselves under attack by an alien entity, in the form of… Ron Jeremy‘s detached penis.



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Prey   prey dvdcr shock endings Director: Norman J. Warren
Writer: Max Cuff
Release year: 1978

Prey   Shock Endings mini logo 130 shock endings Norman J. Warren
’s PREY (also known as ALIEN PREY and re-baptised by the French as the silly-sounding and very inappropriate LE ZOMBIE VENU D’AILLEURS) is an oddity, as most of
Warren’s horror-efforts are.



Robot Monster

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Robot Monster   robot monster poster 87x120 sci fi reviews horror fantasy Director: Phil Tucker
Writer: Wyott Ordung
Release Year: 1953

At what point on the graph do ‘must’ and ‘cannot’ meet?

Robot Monster   Cheezy Drive In mini logo sci fi reviews horror fantasy Little Johnny (Gregory Moffett) and his ‘family’ have to battle with one of the least convincing alien invaders of all time … the ROBOT MONSTER! The ROBOT MONSTER! invades the Earth and destroys almost all life with his CALCINATOR DEATH RAY! – which uses stock footage of fighting dinosaurs from One Million B.C. among others – leaving only Johnny and his family as well as some off-camera people who die later in another stock footage extravaganza. This collection of people are humanity’s last hope to avoid extinction, but really if that’s the best Earth has to look forward to they might as well just up and die…..


Star Knight

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Star Knight   starknight front 86x120 sci fi reviews fantasy comedy Director: Fernando Colomo
Writer: Fernando Colomo, Audreu Martín and Miguel Ángel Nieto
Release year: 1985
Spanish title: El Caballero Del Dragón

Not so clever Keitel

Star Knight   Cheezy Drive In mini logo sci fi reviews fantasy comedy When princess Alba (Maria Lamor) is abducted by a mysterious dragon, it’s upto Klever (Harvey Keitel), a foolish knight in love, to go and rescue her. However, the dragon turns out to be a spaceship, and Alba starts to fall in love with the alien human abductor, who was merely paying a visit to our planet earth. Can you dig this?


The Brother From Another Planet

Friday, March 6th, 2009 by Sterf -

The Brother From Another Planet   brotherfromanotherplanet1 88x120 full length movies Director: John Sayles
Writer: John Sayles
Release Year: 1984

Welcome to a world of crude beauty… of danger and excitement… of wonders, legend, and imagination… Welcome to Harlem, Brother.

I remember this movie from when I watched it as a child on a sunday afternoon on public television and it left quite an impression on me, a certain eyeball-scene in particular. The story’s about an alien who looks just like a regular black man (albeit with some very strange feet) who crashes his spaceship in New York and mixes in with the ‘other immigrants’. He understands people, but is mute himself. At a local bar in Harlem he makes some friends and finds a job using his supernatural powers repairing arcade games.


Under The Skin

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Under The Skin   Under The Skin poster 81x120 thriller reviews sci fi reviews horror drama Director: Jonathan Glazer
Writers: Jonathan Glazer and Walter Campbell, based on the novel by Michel Faber
Release year: 2013

Almost human, yet far from.

A sexually attractive, irresistible woman roams the nightly deserted city streets and desolate countryside highways, picking up unsuspecting hitchhikers with her van. The ride they accept, will seal their fate. But for which purpose?