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Spookies   spookies dvd smallcr shock endings Director, writer: Genie Joseph, Thomas Doran
Release year: 1987

Oh, how I love the 80’s… Well, at least when it comes to cheesy horror movies. And SPOOKIES, although mildly atmospheric and effectively creepy at some moments, is a prime example of how crazy an 80’s horror movie could get.


Click play to listen to Kreon’s laughter & endcredits score

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It’s a cacophony of fascinating weirdness, dark absurdities and melted cheesiness featuring an amalgam of horrific creations such as a werewolf-like troll-kid, farting mud-people, a possessed ouija-board witch (very EVIL DEAD-ish), a four-legged Gremlin, an undefined menacing-looking demon, a hideous man-devouring spider-woman, a red-eyed Grim Reaper, zombies (of course) and more…

For 80 minutes long you will witness a monstrous SFX extravaganza while a group of clueless people is running around and being killed in a big mansion. Now, how does all this relate to our freeze-frame ending? To put it simple, in the same way all the previous events relate to each other in the film: It makes no sense! But that’s exactly what you can expect from a movie that’s illogical and virtually plotless. I would not have wanted it any other way, and one thing I can say about the end-shot: It definitely falls into the “Surprise!” category.

To only even begin to understand what this end-shot is all about, you have to know that all these evil beings and dark powers are being controlled by some creepy old dude living inside the mansion (He’s named Kreon, has some sort of blue vampire son, is very much in love and will be killed off before the movie ends). Throughout the film, the viewer is occasionally treated to a shot featuring a tombstone locked in chains (on the cemetery nearby the mansion), strangely pulsating like a heart and clearly holding some dark secret. After a climactic scene, where the last female standing (and love-interest of Mr. Kreon) gets chased by a horde of zombies (only to be finally tricked by Werewolf-Troll Kid), the tombstone bursts open and out pops Mr. Kreon like a regular Jack-in-the-Box.

Spookies   spookies kreon pop upcr shock endings

Darn sneaky trick of Mr. Kreon, if you ask me. How could he have been locked in that tomb throughout the whole movie while at the same time he was performing his evil tricks in the mansion? And, ehrr… had he not just been killed off in a previous scene? Does it matter? Ofcourse not! This is SPOOKIES, the movie, damn it! Anyway, Mr. Kreon starts laughing insanely like a maniac while waving his arms in the air. The camera focuses on his ugly blue face in a close-up while some serious reverb/delay (added during sound-editing) deforms his laughter and… the frame freezes!

Spookies   spookies kreon closecr shock endings


Beautiful! Adequate! Very appropriate! Scary? No, cheesy! I love this flick. I always will.

Spookies   spookies posterart shock endings

Trailer (extravaganza spectacularrr!):

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