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January 1st, 2008 by Vomitron

  Introduction to Shock Endings     screaming lady newcr 82x120 shock endings I’ve had this happen to me before… When I mention freeze-frame shock endings (granted, it does sound grammatically incorrect), people suddenly give me a peculiar look and ask what the hell I’m talking about. So here’s a little introduction to the subject matter.

And if you’re one of the cool cats who do know what I’m talking about, go ahead and read this brief editorial anyway, as you don’t want to go clicking on things you didn’t want to know yet.

Hello Girls & Ghouls,

  Introduction to Shock Endings     vgs shock endings 300x300 shock endings I’m here to pay homage to a strange and uncanny phenomenon that’s been occurring for decades now in the horror genre (and related movies)…

Final freeze-frame shock-shots!

Everybody around here must know what I’m talking about, yes? Or maybe not. I personally think every self-acclaimed horror fan should love them!

Those typical shock-endings freezing the final frame of a movie, very popular in the horror genre during the 70′s and 80′s.

The 90′s took it even one step further, as some comedies started spoofing those typical endings. But by the time the new millennium was approaching, they became virtually extinct. Nowadays, some contemporary directors seem to be picking up the taste again for shock-endings. But due to the visual language having changed drastically over the decades, final frozen frame shots nonetheless have become a rarity.

I’d love to guide you through all those memorable endings. At least I’ll try to do so, whenever time permits me. But it’s also highly unlikely for us to know every single movie ever made that qualifies the criteria to make it onto these pages. Let alone tracking down a copy of it. Because we need to watch the damn thing first, before we can say something about it. Nevertheless, we’ll do our very best to present you, in time: The Good, the Obscure, and the Very Ugly.

I mentioned certain criteria already, meaning that – for instance – an ending that just features a final plot-twist doesn’t qualify. An end-scene having only a jump-scare somewhere in it won’t either. Final shots only, and here’s what they might look like:

1. A frozen frame
2. A slow-motion shot
3. A zoom-in shot (preferably of a frozen frame)
4. A still-shot with a colorization effect
5. All of the above thrown in a mix and more (Basically: When it shocks, it rocks!)

It doesn’t always have to be a horror film in the strictest sense of the word. And we’re not only talking about films from the 70′s or 80′s either. Anything goes, when it comes to the genre and the era the movie was made in. I wonder how long we’ll be at this…

So, off you go now to stroll around on these pages, and I hope you all have fun while you’re at it (I can imagine for some of you this will also be a trip down Memory Lane). Just pick your movie of choice and click “more” to reveil the shock-ending. But beware if you encounter movies you haven’t seen yet, because due to the content of each page a few things might spoil the fun if you’re still considering watching the movie.

One more thing… In this section you can see stills from the movie’s ending and listen to the awesome audio-samples which accompany them, but nothing beats the real thing. That’s one of the reasons we do not put videoclips of each ending in this overview series. Not as much to tease you, but more to encourage you to go and check out the actual movie.



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