May 18th, 2008 by Vomitron

Prey   prey dvdcr shock endings Director: Norman J. Warren
Writer: Max Cuff
Release year: 1978

Prey   Shock Endings mini logo 130 shock endings Norman J. Warren
’s PREY (also known as ALIEN PREY and re-baptised by the French as the silly-sounding and very inappropriate LE ZOMBIE VENU D’AILLEURS) is an oddity, as most of
Warren’s horror-efforts are.


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As a movie in general, it constantly fails but somehow always manages to get back on its feet again. And by the time the ending comes around, it’s standing firmly on its two legs, prominently uplifting its chest, raising its confident shit-eating-grin face proudly to the sky… to present us the final clue of the film (and its title).

A few lines about the plot, in order for you to understand the bigger picture: An alien man-thing, named Kator (but in his human disguise going by the name of… Anders Anderson), shows up at a British mansion inhabited by a lesbian couple. After a whole lot of head-scratching goings-on between the three of them (and yes, fiends, there’s naked lesbo-action at display too here), our seemingly aim- and clueless alien friend Kator ends up raping and munching on one of them. Now, throughout the movie you can see Kator retreat to some wooden shack in the forest every now and then. Apparently – we learn this at the end of the movie – that’s where he secretively stays in contact with his mother-spaceship. So after Kator had some good and wild sex (including feasting on his partner afterwards), you can see him going back to the shack, taking out a little communication-device and reporting to the mother-ship, delivering the following message:

“Kator calling commandship. Send advance parties immediately. I’ve now established human’s high in protein… and easy prey.”

When Kator speaks the words “high in protein…” (and then pauses), the film suddenly cuts to the image of two little girls – I say they must be about 3 and 7 years old – happily frolicking through the forest. And then Kator’s icy cold voice-over continues “… and easy prey.” His cold-hearted words still echo in your head when the frame freezes on the two smiling kiddies with an ominous low-pitched synthesizer sound coming up on the soundtrack and the screen fades to black. Simply a wonderful, grin-inducing ending to a laughter-stirring scandalous & morbid picture.

Prey   prey freeze frame kidscr shock endings


A very inept movie with a lot of short-comings, strangely compelling or not, but the ending works. Now if you ask me “What’s so shocking about this ending?”, then I’ll ask you “What do you think will happen to those lovely cherubic kiddies?”




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