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Trasgredire   checky poster 84x120 reviews drama comedy Director: Tinto Brass
Writer: Tinto Brass, Carla Cipriani, Nicolaj Pennestri, Silvia Rossi & Massimiliano Zanin
Release Year: 2000
English title: Cheeky

A look into the life of a women with loose morals and tight bodies

In Cheeky, Tinto Brass has given us another playful and sexually explicit tale of a boy and his jealousy over his flirtatious and somewhat whorish girlfriend who he has not seen in over 3 weeks. She has chosen to visit London, leaving her boyfriend back in Italy to fester with thoughts of Carla’s (Yuliya Mayarchuck - a Russian beauty) escapades with other men, and women, both of which she has. Matteo (Jarno Berardi) conjures up fantasies of what Carla is doing while he is away, almost tearing apart their relationship.

Trasgredire   cheeky title 300x168 reviews drama comedy

Matteo has good reason to be skeptical of his girlfriend’s faithfulness, for the real estate agent Moira (Francesca Nunzi) that finds her a loft, is a lesbian that is only too eager to get into Carla’s pants. Moira pals around with Carla and together they explore each others’ sexuality as swingers might. Moira is continually trying to have sex with Carla, but Carla is adamant about only craving the almighty cock, and is continually pushing Carla away. Carla’s own lust soon gets the better of her. Also, be on the lookout for another cameo by the director in the film, as he portrays a perverted film developer that gets a nice grab here and there of our lead’s ass.

One aspect of Brass‘ softcore exploits in his films is the variety of Trasgredire   cheeky 1 300x168 reviews drama comedy women he includes naked in various poses or scenarios. There are always the lead actress or actor, a few supporting roles, and then countless shots filled with gorgeous women of various figures and hair colors, just lounging around. Whether is be at a public sauna, bath house, or massage parlor, Brass throws erotic shots into every scene filmed. He also keeps a plot and the script going during all of this. Brass creates an ideology that lying to one’s partner creates jealousy, and jealousy turns one into a lustful maniac, whether that be for better or for worse, I am not all that sure.

I have to say that this film has some of the most beautiful women cast throughout the film, mostly as eye-candy for the viewer. The film throws in elements of comedy that only Tinto Brass could craft into a sexual romp such as this one. Cheeky is filmed as though a voyeuristic pervert is at the helm of the lens, and I loved every minute of it. The original title of the film, Transgredire tells the viewer exactly what the film is about, women that cheat and their liTrasgredire   cheeky 2 300x168 reviews drama comedy es, which is essentially the meat of the film. The first part of the word, trasgredire (to transgress) which contains the word ‘tradire’ (to cheat) in it. So if you get rid of the ‘sgre’ part you just have ‘tradire’. As Tinto breaks down the word in the Special Features portion of the disc in the featurette, Backstage with Tinto, he explains the film and all its slightly complex meanings, making watching the film a second time much more meaningful.

Cult Epics has delivered a beautiful transfer with some nice extras on it, most notable the behind the scenes footage with a commentary by Brass, along with some Brass trailers, and a photo gallery. I always enjoy hearing a director talk about his film, what his goals were or what he/she wanted the viewer to gain from viewing his/her film, and this short little featurette gave me that. My only complaint is that it was not longer than a mere 8 minutes. Some interviews or comments by the actors and actresses would have been cool to add to the disc as well.

The soundtrack to the film was done by Pino Donaggio and it really worked well with the scenes, giving it a light-hearted playfulness to it. That, coupled with a well-shot film on a beautiful widescreen (16×9 enhanced) print in Italian with English subtitles and the complete uncut director’s version, this film is a must for TintoTrasgredire   cheeky 3 300x168 reviews drama comedy Brass fans. The film runs at 87 minutes and it was a very exotic viewing, one that threw out the rules of love and replaced them with pure, unadulterated lust.

Tinto Brass has rewritten the rules of love one may encounter in a relationship and begs the viewer to see his point of view with Cheeky, if only a view that appears in most peoples’ fantasies. I implore you to watch a film that is so sexy and erotic in each and every frame. Tinto Brass has found a way to combat hatred, terrorism, war, and world-hunger- and its with SEX!!!!!!

Rating: Trasgredire   star reviews drama comedy Trasgredire   star reviews drama comedy Trasgredire   star reviews drama comedy Trasgredire   star reviews drama comedy Trasgredire   blankstar reviews drama comedy

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