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March 5th, 2013 by Coventry

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Pink Flamingos   Offscreen 2013 minilogo reviews comedy Requires not one, not two, but at least three extended showers to wash away the filth.

While trying to preserve her dubious title of honor “The Filthiest Person Alive”, Babs Johnson (Divine) will have to compete with Baltimore-based couple Raymond & Connie Marble (David Lochary & Mink Stole), whose habits are quite possibly even more disgusting. Be prepared to be repulsed!

(Spoilers may follow…)

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Isn’t it everyone’s life-long dream to one day enjoy the honor of being known as “The Filthiest Person Alive”? No?!? Well apparently it is a common mission in Baltimore and the people striving to obtain this questionable title are prepared – determined, even – to undergo whatever humiliation it takes. I had heard, read and been warned numerous times before regarding the notorious reputation of John Waters‘Pink Flamingos’, but I honestly have to admit I still underestimated the film. “How sickening could it possibly be?”, I thought, because it’s an early seventies independent film, accomplished with an extremely low budget and there would probably be just a few isolated moments of genuine repulsion that undeservedly skyrocketed the film’s reputation as a whole. I gladly admit my assumptions were wrong. ‘Pink Flamingos’ truly is a non-stop spitfire of atrocities that are revolting and vomit-inducing, but simultaneously fascinating and oddly humorous. It’s virtually impossible to list the highlights of repulsiveness featured in this film, because that would result in a detailed description of each and every scene.

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As previously stated, the film primarily revolves on the “battle” between two families in order to obtain the title of filthiest persons alive. In the left corner there’s Divine and her trailer-trash alliance. Divine is an unscrupulous woman (yeah, right…woman) who eats dog poo and throws extravagant birthday orgies for her circle of misfit friends. Her mother has an egg-fetish and lives in a cradle designed for toddlers. She runs off with the egg delivery man and lives happily ever after in one of the most romantic sequences ever captured on film… Divine‘s son loves killing chickens whilst copulating on the first date, but his favorite of course remains oral sex from his mum. In the right corner we have the Marble family. This colorful (literally) couple runs a profitable business where they kidnap and impregnate random women and then subsequently sell the babies to lesbians. Mrs. Marble employs girls to spy on Divine‘s family whilst Mr. Marble goes around town practicing his hobby of exhibitionism.

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I suppose by now it’s already needless to emphasize that John Waters‘ exercise in bad taste isn’t meant for the eyes and stomachs of sensitive people. Personally, I can handle quite a bit of nauseating stuff but I honestly cringed over the endless sights of scat, anus-flexing, hermaphrodites, castration, incestuous fellatio, egg-talk, foot fetishes, chicken lovers and God knows what else. At several points in the film you wonder why the hell you keep on watching this film, but you simply can’t stop! I can only presume this was exactly the effect Waters‘ hoped to achieve, so ‘Pink Flamingos’ can definitely be considered a triumph on his account. The acting performances are deliberately – and adorably – hammy and, one thing is certain: they all enjoyed being a part of this production. I could write endless pages about the film and tell millions of anecdotes, but it all comes down to this: ‘Pink Flamingos’ is a unique cinematic experience and everyone with a curious sense of adventure (and a strong stomach) should watch it at least once in their lives.

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Offscreen Film Festival 2013: Guest of Honor John Waters himself will be introducing a screening of ‘Pink Flamingos’ (a double bill with ‘Desperate Living’) on the 10th of March 2013 at Cinema Nova, Brussels. A single screening of ‘Pink Flamingos’ is programmed on the 12th of March 2013 at Cinematek, Brussels.


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