No Morire Sola

April 14th, 2009 by Vomitron and Coventry

No Morire Sola   nmw posterbifff 89x120 reviews horror Director: Adrián García Bogliano
Writer: Ramiro García Bogliano, Adrián García Bogliano and Martin Frías
Release year: 2008
English title: I’ll Never Die Alone

The Revenge of Rapesploitation

No Morire Sola   bifff2009 minilogo reviews horror Four girls on a roadtrip make the mistake of picking up a dying girl at the side of the road. They’ll soon find themselves antagonized by three hunter-brutes deprived of all morals. Their rape was only the beginning…

Vomitron‘s review:

Violence begets violence.

No Moriré Sola (aka I’ll Never Die Alone) stays true to the essence of films like I Spit On Your Grave (1978) and The Last House On The Left (1972). Most exploitation fans will get excited by this, without a doubt. But believe it or not, I’ll Never Die Alone manages to be an even less complicated film like those two aforementioned milestones. However, judging by the standards of the rape/revenge subgenre, it’s impossible to flunk Adrián García Bogliano‘s effort. Because “rape” and “revenge” is exactly what this film delivers, and not one milligram more.

No Morire Sola   nmw girlsondirt 300x160 reviews horror I’ll Never Die Alone is as bare bones as any movie can get, but is the result actually any good? Hard to say, really. Since there are hardly any dialogues, you can’t even tell if the film has capable actors in it. The long rape-scene in the woods is indeed very disturbing on its own and leaves not much to the imagination of the viewer. Furthermore, the rather minimalistic sound design of that scene effectively enhances it, making it all the more uncomfortable. Background noises from the woods are eliminated from the soundtrack (or were never recorded) and replaced by the girls’ heavy breathing, accompanied by strangely unpleasant, ambient sounds. But the violence featured in the movie from that point onward – though nauseating as it may be – doesn’t always work like it should have. Some of it – in particular blows to the head and face – comes off as clumsily staged. The make-up effects on the other hand, are foul, bloody and handled with care.

No Morire Sola   nms gundown 300x225 reviews horror This will all sound like heaven if you’re a disturbed fuck. But these days, I like my vengeful violence to come in a good movie package (Death Sentence, anyone? Granted, we’re talking a completely different movie here, but still). And here’s where Adrián García Bogliano makes mistakes. The ugly cinematography and lack of dialogues can still be considered good things, as they inject a certain realism into the film. But when you don’t really have a story to tell, you better at least make sure you get on with the little plot there is. Bogliano made certain scenes (and shots even) far too long. I appreciate him shying away from all too hectic editing, but at times the long takes do feel like needless padding. Like the scene – one continuous shot, actually – where one girl goes into the rest room to change her shirt and smoke a sigarette. Sometimes it does result in solid shots taken from inventive angles. Like following the girls’ car, placing the camera behind it at a high angle (seemingly mounted on top of another vehicle, a trick we’ve seen before in the first Evil Dead, haven’t we?). And I did understand why Bogliano staged the scene with the two girls covering up an open grave the way he did. I do realize that extended shots and uncomfortable silences were part of the director’s intentions of creating the movie’s vintage look & feel. But making some shots last as long as they did, really is testing the viewer’s patience.

No Morire Sola   nms barbchickcr 300x225 reviews horror After the screening, the film evoked a short discussion amongst the three of us, and our female companion brought up the movie Funny Games US. She tought both movies bared some resemblance. At first, I wasn’t quite following her reasoning, as both movies seem practically incomparable. One has style, meaningful dialogues and a plot that does pack a few surprises, while the other one lacks all of this and differs a lot in other fields too. But then it hit me. I guess she was trying to say the movie made her feel the same way. And we could both agree on them having something in common: There simply is no reason for all the violence. It all just happens. And when it does, it will only provoke more as an answer to it.

No Morire Sola   nms aimgun 300x225 reviews horror Truly, a sick movie. And it does not skimp on misogyny and senseless brutality. It succeeds in being shocking and provocative (and that’s at least an accomplishment in these modern times). And not even for one second should it come across as a funny experience. If it does to you, then you might want to get your head examined.

Two other films I’ll Never Die Alone reminded me of, are Broken (2006) and the lesser known – but well worth watching – Shallow Grave (1987), which has a better constructed plot to boot. Again, both movies are not necessarily comparable to I’ll Never Die Alone, but if you’ve seen them, you’ll know where I’m coming from. If not, you’ll have two more to check out.

Rating: No Morire Sola   star reviews horror No Morire Sola   star reviews horror No Morire Sola   star reviews horror No Morire Sola   blankstar reviews horror No Morire Sola   blankstar reviews horror


Coventry‘s review:

The South American “I Spit On Your Grave”

(Spoilers follow…)

No Morire Sola   nms postergreencr 206x300 reviews horror All the puritan movie-critics that once labeled I Spit on your Grave as the worst, sickest and most gratuitously exploitative horror movie ever made (I’m looking at you, Mr. Roger Ebert) are warmly advised to stay a million miles away from this Spanish/Argentinean co-production called I’ll Never Die Alone (lovely title, by the way). Every element that made the aforementioned Rape & Revenge milestone a “class-sick” are intensified several times here, making this one of the most unpleasant, repellent and disturbing cinematic experiences I ever witnessed. We’re talking vastly extended and shockingly graphic rape sequences, uncomfortably long moments of silence, aggregating acts of retaliation, a pounding grunt soundtrack and an overall ambiance of nausea. Unless I overlooked a title, this is the first genuine throwback to the most infamous subgenre of horror from the 1970′s. With the emphasis nowadays lying on torture-horror flicks and tributes to Grindhouse movies, the department of Rape & Revenge movies somewhat got pushed into oblivion lately. These new torture flicks are quite sick and mega-violent, yet none of them come even close to recreating the gritty atmosphere and level of intensity of such flicks as House on the Edge of the Park, Fight for your Life, the original The Last House on the Left (1972) and of course I spit on your Grave. With I’ll Never Die Alone, director Adrián García Bogliano impressively brings back the sickest type of 70′s exploitation cinema and I’m convinced many fans of the era will welcome this film with wide-open arms.

No Morire Sola   nms posterbwcr 214x300 reviews horror The plot is very basic and straightforward as it should be. Four young girls on a road-trip through the most rural countryside of Argentina witness the murder of another girl by a trio of poachers. As they stop by the nearest police station to get help, the trio’s leader also turns out to be related to the local authorities. Immediately after leaving the police station, the girls find themselves pursued by the poachers’ jeep. They are barbarically raped and mutilated before the strongest ones have a chance to fight back. The rape sequences are particularly excruciating because A) they are shot integrally and B) because the four lead girls appear to be incredibly young. They honestly don’t look a day older than 18, which makes the shock-impact all the more intense. And either they are all four naturally gifted actresses or they were genuinely terrified during the shooting, as their facial expressions during the rapes and the rage in their eyes seem frighteningly legitimate. The bloody vengeance parts are reasonably grueling as well, including someone getting hammered to death and another bastard getting strangled by barbwire. The unsteady cinematography and raw editing may appear amateurish and low budget like, but it actually just epitomizes the raunchy tone of the film. If you are sick and tired of the nowadays exaggeratedly hyped torture flicks like Hostel and the numerous Saw sequels, try and get your dirty little hands on this authentic hardcore-to-the-bone exploitation effort.

Rating: No Morire Sola   star reviews horror No Morire Sola   star reviews horror No Morire Sola   star reviews horror No Morire Sola   star reviews horror No Morire Sola   blankstar reviews horror





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