Embodiment Of Evil

July 28th, 2009 by Vomitron and Coventry

Embodiment Of Evil   EoE poster redCR 81x120 reviews horror Director: José Mojica Marins
Writer: José Mojica Marins and Dennison Ramalho
Release year: 2008
Brasilian title: Encarnação Do Demônio

The return of Coffin Joe

Embodiment Of Evil   bifff2009 minilogo reviews horror He is pure evil incarnated. For forty years he has waited, imprisoned and almost forgotten. Now, the system that put him away for his sick crimes, is about to set him free again. His name is Coffin Joe. And he will live forever.


Embodiment Of Evil   EoE title screen 500x285 reviews horror


Vomitron‘s review:

A man with an utmost evil plan…

I’ve only seen two Marins films so far: Strange World Of Coffin Joe (1968) and Finis Hominis (1971). Add to that numerous bits and pieces of his other films. To come down to the point: You don’t call these good films without thinking things through first. But nevertheless, the ones I’ve seen, I did like. Without having seen any of the previous two installments in his Zé do Caixão trilogy completely, I do think I already have a pretty good idea of what the man stands for. He makes unique films, both incorporating characteristics of what is generally regarded as bad Embodiment Of Evil   EoE cemetary fog 300x168 reviews horror filmmaking as well as true strokes of genius. Now, forty years after his last installment, Tonight I Will Posses Your Corpse (1967), Marins comes back to complete his trilogy with Embodiment Of Evil. After being imprisoned for 40 years, Coffin Joe is put back on the streets again. And he clearly hasn’t given up his plans on immortality. Better prepared this time, he’ll continue to find the perfect girl which he can impregnate, and thus through re-incarnation living forever himself. Call him morally corrupted, deprived of all ethics or just plain crazy, if you want. But Coffin Joe clearly is a man with a plan.

Fans shouldn’t be disappointed. Marins is basically still doing what he was doing 40 years ago, only now he can do it with modern day means and a bigger budget. His storylines are still wildly incoherent, if not, completely out there even. Some visuals are again truly stunning and original. Not much seems to have changed, if it Embodiment Of Evil   EoE orange sky 300x168 reviews horror wasn’t for this one thing: Marins surpassed himself this time, and I’m not sure if it’s so safe to applaud this. Why’s that? Embodiment Of Evil really contains some of the most disturbing and sickest stuff I’ve ever seen in a “fictional” film. As with all his films, you can perhaps laugh at all the insanity, especially when you’re deluded by the false notion that Marins might not have a clue on how to make decent film. But from his previous work I have seen, I always got the impression Marins knows actually damn well what he’s doing. And it’s no different with Embodiment Of Evil. That, my friends, might very well be an even scarier thing than the actual film itself.

Simply put, Embodiment of Evil delivers the full monty. You just name it, and you’ll get it. Torture, violence, blood, sex, death, mutilation, humilation, pervertion, corruption, misogyny, bestiality, malignancy, blasphemy, satanism, and the list goes on. The upside is, that some of his visuals – in particular the more infernal ones – might have you gazing at the screen in awe. The downside… some of the mutilations, torture and other perverted acts look unbelievably realistic. Partly due to great make-up effetcs, but actually, some are real. Just look at that scene with the worms and insects. Those bugs were real! Usually, Marins does inject some sort of deranged humor in his films, but not so much this time. Even if you think this film’s pretty bad, I’m not so sure if you could even laugh at it. Might very well be that some scenes put an evil grin on your face, but make sure toEmbodiment Of Evil   EoE naked pig 300x199 reviews horror wipe it of when you leave the theatre. Otherwise people might frown upon you or give you a funny look. Yes indeed – a good, bad or tasteless film aside – Embodiment Of Evil is plain evil shit. You might very well call it “cult trash”, but the fact remains that Embodiment Of Evil goes way deeper than such a label might imply. I have very mixed feelings about this film (and Marins‘ others too, for that matter), but I can’t help showing at least some level of admiration for the things he accomplished yet again with this latest film. As disgusting an accomplishment it might be, he did pull off something and managed to genuinely disturb me. That’s got to be worth something, right?

If you ask me, there’s only one director still alive who comes close to being the Devil himself. And his name is… José Mojica Marins.

Rating: Embodiment Of Evil   star reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   star reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   star reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   blankstar reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   blankstar reviews horror


Coventry‘s review:

The unpleasant return of a depraved maniac…

I love – and I do really mean LOVE – horror movies and I will always defend my favorite genre against prudish and prejudiced people who keep Embodiment Of Evil   EoE old dead woman 300x201 reviews horror on claiming it’s an overall unintelligent and superfluous type of cinema. Of course, it’s very difficult to safeguard a genre and to hold a plea about its strong points when there are mad-raving, block-headed jesters like Coffin Joe out there, whose sole intentions are to shock and repulse audiences with unsettling images of torture, misogyny, mutilation, perversion, blasphemy and even pure hell. Embodiment of Evil, the final installment of Coffin Joe’s trilogy that started with At Midnight I’ll Take You Soul and This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse over forty years ago, easily ranks in the top five of most unpleasant and most disgusting movies I ever watched in my life and, no, this honestly shouldn’t be considered a recommendation!

José Mojica Marins‘ return to the international export market is shamelessly exploitative and sickening just for the sake of being sickening. I’ve never been much of a fan of the previous films – nor of Coffin Joe’s entire repertoire, for that matter – but at least his 60′s movies could pass off as surrealistic efforts and/or existential experiments. Numerous sequences and isolated shots in Embodiment of Evil are genuinely frightening and haunting, like the hanging with the meat hooks or a rape scene with a living rat, but they’re just so damn redundant and gratuitous. The make-up effects and smutty scenery also look very realistic, which makes it all even worse. This definitely isn’t a low-budgeted Embodiment Of Evil   EoE evil desert dude 300x199 reviews horror production like the first two obviously were, and I honestly think this money could have served a better purposes in a country like Brazil. It’s also a worrying thought that this is probably the movie Coffin Joe already wanted to make forty years ago, if he only had the budgetary possibilities. What personally upsets and disturbs me the absolute most is that José Mojica Marins clearly knows what he’s doing and almost deliberately seems to inflict his madness onto the people. I’m honestly convinced that this is the type of trash that causes mentally unstable and/or easily influenced people to go berserk and do all sorts of crazy stuff. Marins literally glorifies the violence and perversity that his alter ego Coffin Joe proclaims and practices.

Purely talking in terms of cinema, Embodiment of Evil is a giant disaster. There’s not a trace of continuity, script-coherence or building up tension. The performances are weaker than weak Embodiment Of Evil   EoE throne 300x199 reviews horror and the protagonist’s monologues, that seem to go on forever, are nonsensical and boring. The plot is exactly the same as it was forty years ago, namely “deranged freak wishes to obtain immortality by carefully selecting the perfect wife who can then subsequently bear him his perfect son”. The gravedigger with the hideous and rancid beard spent all these years in jail, but now a leak in the juridical system set him free. It has to be said, however, the old-age Coffin Joe looks at least a dozen times more menacing than young Coffin Joe. He now looks like an authentic old and sleazy pervert, which also happens to be exactly what he is.

Rating: Embodiment Of Evil   star reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   halfstar reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   blankstar reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   blankstar reviews horror Embodiment Of Evil   blankstar reviews horror



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