Blood Stalkers

August 10th, 2010 by Perfesser Deviant

Blood Stalkers   Blood Stalkers VHS 01 74x120 reviews horror Director: Robert W. Morgan
: Robert W. Morgan
Release Year
: 1978

Welcome to Florida….

Two couples – Mike (Jerry Albert) and Jeri (Celea Ann Cole), Daniel (Kenny Miller) and Kim (Toni Crabtree) – go out to a hunting lodge that Mike inherited from his father and find the locals a little less than welcoming….

(Spoilers follow…)

Blood Stalkers   blood stalkers title 300x211 reviews horror

The Southern hamlet that our city slickers pass through is the usual kind of place in which everyone is related to everyone else and inbreeding is a way of life. There are multiple degenerates who try to warn off the merry band of Yankees, but, as typical for city folk, they ignore the sound advice of the locals. Instead, they follow the directions from Mike’s memories, augmented by playing a game of charades with the village mute (Stan Webb) – who looks a bit like Charles Manson, but is friendlier – until they find the lodge.

Blood Stalkers   blood stalkers 1 300x211 reviews horror

You're one... ugly... muther-clucker.

Once they find the damned building, it’s clear that they need not have bothered. The place is filthy and nasty, but someone has been there as there’s clean spots and the brush has been cleared from around the building. Mike tells everyone that everything’s okay, but he’s lying and stupid and in the position for things to go really wrong when the poacher degenerates – The Old Man (Herb Goldstein), Jarvis (Robert W. Morgan), Lester (John R. Meyer), and Pip (David Faris Legge) – return and Mike flees into the night to seek help. Quicker than you can say Straw Dogs, everyone’s dead and Mike goes nuts, killing the experienced psychos with ease that would have been much more useful the night before.

Blood Stalkers   blood stalkers 2 300x211 reviews horror

Home crap home.

This film tries to be frightening. The scene when the skinny-dipping couple realizes that there’s something in the woods is excellent. The way that the poachers dress up in animal skins and try to scare the people with unearthly noises is also impressive and would be very frightening in that situation. What’s less interesting is the way that Mike fleeing and the poachers attacking the house is intercut together with inserts of a church choir singing, that was a weird choice to say the least. The final rampage as Mike takes out the garbage is fun and everything – especially the look on the Old Man’s face – but means that he acquires full slasher villain powers in that he can stash bodies where ever he wants with no effort; it’s also very quick.

Blood Stalkers   blood stalkers 4 300x211 reviews horror

The critical reception.

For a minor-league suspense film, this one isn’t bad. The acting is okay and there’s a real feeling of menace throughout much of the film. The problem is, as soon as Mike escapes the house, everything goes downhill; more downhill in the case of the dreadful soundtrack. The finale moves too quickly and the end, as Mike wanders through the town clutching a shotgun, is more anticlimactic than anything. There’s nothing here that I’ve not seen before – except that whole choir editing thing, but that sucked – but that doesn’t mean that the film is bad, just pretty basic.

Blood Stalkers   blood stalkers 3 300x211 reviews horror

Pasty boobs in the dark. Plus toplessness.

Rating: Blood Stalkers   star reviews horror Blood Stalkers   halfstar reviews horror Blood Stalkers   blankstar reviews horror Blood Stalkers   blankstar reviews horror Blood Stalkers   blankstar reviews horror


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