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Nile Arena
(Blood and Black Lace) shares a birthday with icons Vincent Price and Christopher Lee, which might account for his passion for horror movies. Originally from Bloomington, Indiana, Nile is currently an actor and student at the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

C. Austin (The Wicker Man) is a 23-year-old technical writer of Celtic descent from England. He has been an avid movie fan for several years and also enjoys video games and sports, mostly football (soccer), ice hockey and rugby.

Don Bapst (Les Diaboliques, Friday the 13th) is the author of several novels and plays, including his own Grand Guignol, The Horror. A regular contributor to blue, Don has written for dozens of publications and is currently at work on editing his short psychological thriller, A Haunted House. (

Fawn Bartosch (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) is the estranged daughter of a Samoan chief. She escaped from Utah at birth, immigrated to Texas, and somehow became a horror movie junkie. She enjoys writing, painting, collecting cats, and making a scene.

Chris Benedict (Night of the Demon, Dead of Night) is a graphic designer and illustrator who hosted a movie review web site at since 1997. He lives in Columbia, Missouri. He actually has the heart of a small boy. He keeps it in a jar on his desk.

M. Binning (Creature from the Black Lagoon) is a 19-year-old female Law student from Wolverhampton in the U.K. She wrote her essay because it seemed much more interesting than writing the legal essay she was supposed to be working on at the time. She can be found posting on IMDb under the username shady402.

Andrew Black (The Birds) is an attorney from Canton, Michigan and the elder, wiser brother of Greg Black, whose piece on Freaks is also featured.

Gregory Black (Freaks) is a 21-year-old aspiring filmmaker and writer from Canton, Michigan. He is currently a student at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Creative Writing and Telecommunications (Film).

Matt Black (The Haunting, The Mummy) has an unhealthy obsession with “vintage culture,” from the Victorian era to the 1960s. A film fanatic, jazz lover and vegan troublemaker, Matt is also a frequent contributor to Noctigram magazine and Film Fannaddict.

James Blackford (The Thing from Another World/The Thing) James Blackford, 25, is a fan of most disreputable forms of cinema, particularly Italian exploitation and horror. He holds a B.A. (Hons) and a Masters in Film Studies. He is about to embark on his Ph.D thesis, Cannibals, Critics and Consumers: The Production, Reception and Ideological Function of Italian Exploitation Cinema at The University of London.

Wendy K. Bodine (Alien/Aliens) (EllenRipley112 on IMDb) is a mild-mannered assistant editor by day headquartered in central N.J. A single mom, she enjoys watching horror flicks when her daughter and mother aren’t around. Her favorite films include the Alien Quadrilogy and pretty much anything with a zombie in it.

Nick Brown (Suspiria) is a horror fan hailing from Hull, England. He has been a fan of movies most of his life, in particular cult/Italian horror. Nick is currently in the final year of a Business Studies degree at Hull University, and hopes to use his qualifications to gain a highly paid job in the near future.

Darren Callahan (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) has written drama for the Sci Fi Channel, NPR, and New York City’s Radio Pacifica. He is a renowned playwright, novelist, and musician. Information on his works can be found at

Andreas Charalambous (Nosferatu) lives in London where he lectures in Film and Media Studies. Maintaining his passion for horror through his academic work, he has published a thesis for his University’s Department of Social Sciences entitled “The Critical Reception of Horror: An Analysis of Moral Panics.” He is currently writing various other horror studies projects.

Aaron Christensen (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Cat People, Phantom of the Opera) is a Chicago-based actor and writer. He’d love to take a long, long nap, but the nefarious Dr. AC will not hear of it.

Peter Christensen (The Body Snatcher, Island of Lost Souls) has a B.A. from Hamilton College and a Ph.D from the University of Minnesota. An old—in many senses—fan of horror movies, he and his wife life in Chicago, where Peter teaches English at Columbia College.

Preston B. Collins (Phantom of the Opera), mysterious, elusive, and all-powerful as he is, cannot be bothered with such trivial things as mini-biographies. When not busy watching films, he enjoys ignoring email messages, trivializing deadlines, and antagonizing editors from sea to shining sea.

Cory Colock (The Blair Witch Project) (screen name Golgo-13 on IMDb) has been an avid horror fan for nearly 20 years, as well as a fan of all genres of cinema. When not watching movies, he enjoys… nothing else. He currently resides in Pennsylvania.

Rob Dennehy (The Shining) (IMDb screen name BaseBallZombies) is a Mortgage Broker/Semi-Professional Poker Player from Illinois and an avid horror fan. Rob’s favorite horror films include The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), Psycho (1960), Halloween (1978) and George A. Romero’s Dead films.

Mikey Diablo (The Terminator) was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania. His interest in horror began with the Nightmare on Elm Street series and Stephen King movies, such as Children of the Corn. His love of horror eventually led him to create and co-host the radio podcast A Verbal Bloodletting, heard bi-weekly at

Jorge Didaco (The Innocents), a Brazil-based teacher of theater and film, has been under the spell of horror ever since the tender age of four. When the evil Maleficent (from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) cried out in fury, “Now shall you deal with me, and all the powers of hell,” it was love at first sight.

Mark Easteadt (Scream) hails from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. When not watching, talking, or writing about horror films, he’s tried such crazy things as having a job, trying to be an adult, and shamming at being a productive citizen. Given the choice, he’d choose writing about movies as his life’s work. Ahh, maybe someday.

C.D. Ellefson (I Walked With a Zombie) works for a news media clipping bureau, and has enjoyed horror books and movies for 35 years. Favorite films include Halloween (1978), Night Of The Living Dead (1968), and The Blair Witch Project (1999).

Danny Fuller (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, White Zombie) graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Arlington. Married with one daughter, he works as a tax accountant for a major retailer headquartered in Plano, Texas. In his spare time, he plays sports, watches horror movies and is the author of the children’s book, The Adventures of Polly Panda.

Robert Gannon (What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?) is a full time music business student at New York University. For information on his original writing, music, art, and film, please visit his official website,

Robie Gelpi (The Stepford Wives) resides in Washington State, U.S.A. with his wife and two furry babies named Prissy Love and Fat Boy. An incurable agnostic and lifelong hypochondriac, he is known among friends for his obsessions with Tennessee Williams, Agatha Christie, comic books, and anything related to theater and cinema

A.D. Gillott (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Silence of the Lambs) is 26, was born in Yorkshire, England, and currently resides in a cold, black, haunted tower atop a lonely mountain in Spain. He is an orthodox misanthrope and spends his days scowling down upon the ant-like villagers beneath him, screaming curses and obscenities. It ain’t much, but it’s a living.

Alexander Gold (Eraserhead) lives in New Jersey. In addition to watching film, he also listens to a wide variety of music, some of his favorite artists being Neil Young, The Beatles, Of Montreal, Joy Division, Elvis Costello, and A Tribe Called Quest. In the future, he aspires to become a film/pop music historian.

Mark Allan Gunnells (Carrie, Village of the Damned) holds a degree in English and Psychology. A lifelong horror fan, he has published close to fifty original horror stories. A small town boy at heart, he lives in his hometown of Gaffney, S.C., with his partner.

Brett Harrison (Return of the Living Dead), mentally scarred at the age of 7 by Jaws, he avoided horror until the lure of Romero’s Creepshow in ‘82 proved too strong to resist. A resident of Hampshire, England, he is currently on a mission to see as much onscreen terror as possible.

Will Harvard (Peeping Tom) is from Alabama, and currently studies at Columbus State University in Georgia, where he is working on a Political Science major. A huge horror fan, he enjoys all types of horror films from 1930s Universal to Italian zombie films and can be found on IMDb as Count_Fistfuldollars.

Andrew Haubert (Black Christmas, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) is a 26-year-old graduate of Ohio University, where he received a Bachelor of Communications. Currently at work expanding his screenwriting/production portfolio, he plans to pursue a graduate program in filmmaking. No surprise to his friends and family, most of his efforts to date revolve around the horror genre.

Eric Fraisher Hayes (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) is an actor/director in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the age of eight, he was directing the neighborhood kids in re-enactments of the Universal classics. In the days before cable or video rentals, he watched five monster movies every weekend for two straight years. A trip to Scout camp ended the streak.

Jason Herr (The Last House on the Left, Ringu), a Maryland native, is an exploitation and “shock” film junkie who enjoys corrupting others with his extensive knowledge of “extreme” films on various online forums under the screen-names EVOL666 and SCUMDOG OF THE UNIVERSE. To commission reviews, interviews, or just talk twisted films, he can be contacted at (appropriately enough)

Brian Huddleston (Repulsion) (aka Brian the Scarecrow and Scarecrow-88 online) is 29 years old and has been a horror fan since his teenage years. He and his wife Jennifer and their two beautiful children, Stephanie & Christopher, live in a state of bliss in the state of Mississippi in the good old United States of America.

Anish Jethmalani (The Omen) is a Chicago actor and has performed on the stages of several regional theaters including the Goodman and Steppenwolf. An ensemble member of Eclipse Theatre Company in Chicago, he has also been seen in the independent films The Strip, Sugar Mountain, and Betaville.

Jon Kitley (The Beyond, Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein) is the owner, head corpse, and webmaster of Kitley’s Krypt (, a website devoted to the horror genre, both old and new. When he’s not working on the site or watching horror movies, he’s attending horror conventions to spread the gospel of the genre.

Laurent Kleinblatt (Dawn of the Dead / Day of the Dead) is a 28-year-old Belgian (raised in Antwerp, living in Brussels). A mathematician who works (way too much) as an actuary for a consulting company, Laurent’s hobbies are cycling, jogging, cooking, learning Mandarin Chinese, and fooling around online as Rand_Corp. Despite appearances, he swears he is not a Goth.

Dave Kosanke (Re-Animator, Videodrome) lives in Franklin, Wisconsin, where he publishes, writes and edits Liquid Cheese: a fanzine devoted to horror and exploitation movies. His written work has appeared in Scary Monsters, Batteries Not Included, Midnight Marquee, and Ultra Violent.

Doug Lamoreux (The Blob, Mystery of the Wax Museum/House of Wax) is a former professional firefighter and a lifelong horror enthusiast. Now an actor and writer residing in Chicagoland, he is the co-author of the horror novel Apparition Lake and can be seen in The Thirsting (a shocker coming soon from Universal Home Video).

Charles S. Lore (The Invisible Man) cut his fangs on the simultaneous release of the Universal films to television and the Hammer and AIP films in the late 1950s. By age 15, he was a contributing editor of Castle Of Frankenstein magazine. He is weighing a return to the printed page upon retirement.

Denise T. LoRusso (Onibaba, The Wolf Man) is a 50-something life-long horror fanatic residing in rural Pennsylvania, USA. She is a retired registered nurse, post-secondary educator, and grandmother of four, and lives with her college professor husband, three cats, and a dog. Sheis a member of a local rescue group, often fostering abused and neglected dogs.

Kenneth Lund (Jacob’s Ladder), 30 years old, resides in Odense, Denmark with his patient girlfriend. When not watching horror movies, reading horror novels, or nit-picking about minuscule details in horror movies with friends from the IMDb Horror Board, he earns a living as marketing manager in a large Danish speaker bureau.

Streebo Majic (Shivers) is a founding member of Mutantville Productions in Charlotte, North Carolina. As of this writing, Streebo is completing his work as writer-director-producer on his first full-length feature horror film, C for Chaos. Join the Mutantville Players at and by email at

Lucas Matheson (Child’s Play) (aka lost-in-limbo on is a 22-year-old resident of Australia. Horror films didn’t really matter until his mid-teens, when he started watching late-night telly of ’80s horror flicks, including the one that kick-started his appreciation of the genre: John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Patrick Mathewes (The Incredible Shrinking Man, Plan 9 from Outer Space) can frequently be found as psychotronicbeatnik on the Horror Boards at IMDb. His all-time favorite job was working as a projectionist and film presenter in a small repertory cinema. Currently, he hangs his beret and bongos in Oregon where he works in a library.

Kevin James Matthews (The Evil Dead/Evil Dead II) is a resident of Edinburgh, Scotland and has been for many years. He likes it there. Obviously. A life-long movie fan and part-time amateur writer, he welcomes this opportunity to combine his two passions and hopes to do much more in the future. Cheers to all.

Mark McCormac (Witchfinder General) (Prof Hieronymos Grost on IMDb) resides in Dublin, Ireland. Married 11 years now with two little boys, his first horror film was Hammer’s Captain Clegg, and from there he was hooked. Favorites include The Wicker Man, Hammer, Amicus, Corman, Universal, and Italian Horror.

Justin McKinney (The Masque of the Red Death) lives in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia (stomping grounds of the legendary Mothman). Having studied both film and environment science at Ohio University, he spends his free time writing screenplays and taking whatever acting roles come his way. Indie horror credits include Brain Drain, Descend Into Darkness, and Chubby Killer.

Cheryl Melville (War of the Worlds), a member of the IMDb message boards for over four years as AppleBlossom, has lived all her life in the “lucky country,” Australia. Last year, A.B. created MovieBuffs United, an alternative movie message board to post on whatever you’re interested in discussing concerning the film industry. Check it out sometime!

Brett Neveu (Dracula) is a playwright and screenwriter living in Chicago. He has worked with many theater companies around the world including The Goodman Theatre (Chicago), The New Group (New York), and The Royal Shakespeare Company (London and Stratford Upon Avon).

Seth Pearce (The Sixth Sense) is an avid hockey fan living in Colorado. For the last several years, Seth has endeavored to educate himself about cinema and the medium of performance art. His favorite directors include Akira Kurosawa, Roman Polanski, David Fincher, and Luc Besson. His favorite horror films are Alien, The Thing, and Repulsion.

Christopher Philippo (Mad Love) lives in Troy, New York and studies film at the University of Albany. He produced the low-budget horror movie Daddy, contributes to the ‘zine Ax Wound, is writing a book about women horror directors, and was presumably killed by aliens in Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. (

Crystal Porphir (Hellraiser), 34, a Multiple Sclerosis Advocate, lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was featured as a “Goth babe” on the Internet site, Gothic Babe of the Week in April of 1998. An amateur horror writer and poet, she is currently writing two horror literary projects.

Lee Price (The Golem, Jurassic Park) is a grantwriter specializing in arts and cultural organizations. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, two children, and their dog, Riley. As lee-109 on the IMDb Classic Film board, he is the founder of two major exercises, Fixing the Oscars and Doubling the Canon.

Mark J. Price (Jaws) is a copy editor who writes for the Akron Beacon Journal in Akron, Ohio. On the IMDb message boards, he goes by the nickname Chillertheater.

Lawrence P. Raffel (Cannibal Holocaust) is the owner of Monsters at Play ( that has become one of the premier online destinations for educated and thoughtful genre criticism. Recently, Lawrence has taken to providing content for another popular online horror destination,

Anthony Revelas (Black Sunday) (aka Leroy Gomm on the IMDb boards) is an aspiring artist and illustrator. When he is not at the drawing table, he can often be found on message boards expostulating the virtues of classic horror films.

J. Luis Rivera (The Fly ’58/The Fly ’86, House of Usher) was born in Monterrey, México and has been watching movies most of his life. Currently working as Systems Engineer, in his spare time, J. writes movie reviews and is working on his own site aiming to become a respectable film critic.

Sean Robinson (An American Werewolf in London/The Howling, The Exorcist), 41 years old, hails from Maryport in Cumbria, England, where he lives with his bride Dawn and their two children, Curtis and Kenan. He is currently working on finishing two horror novels and a screenplay. You can find him on IMDb as UnholyOne.

Amanda Rose (Poltergeist) is a 33-year-old mother of two from London, naturally inducting her children in the ways of the dark heart of cinema. Recently, she worked alongside Alan Jones at Frightfest 2006, the U.K.’s premiere horror film festival, an experience she describes as “inspirational.”

Jimmy Seiersen (Night of the Living Dead) is a 22-year-old wannabe filmmaker from Sweden. Being interested in movies, he studied media in high school and at the University of Skövde, and now hopes to get into the Swedish film industry.

Charley Sherman (The Black Cat, Horror of Dracula) grew up in Nottingham, England. He has been babbling about monsters in some form or other since he was 6 years old. His biggest contribution to the horror field was directing the stage adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story “In the Flesh,” which he and Steve Pickering adapted for The Organic Theater in Chicago in 1992.

Erika Shoemaker (Blood Feast/2000 Maniacs!), 29, suffers from the condition known as chronic procrastination. Trying to get her to meet deadlines was like trying to convince Ishtar that Chinese take-out would work just as well. For all you HGL fans out there, she coincidentally lives near a cemetery bearing the name…Pleasant Valley.

Sven Soetemans (The Curse of Frankenstein) (Coventry on IMDb) is a horror-obsessed amateur reviewer from Belgium, which is paradise for genre fanatics, since there hardly is any censorship and everything is available. He works as a financial controller, which pretty much just means he checks if people are solvent enough to pay him.

Richard Sparks (Rosemary’s Baby) is an illustrator and musician who currently lives in Chicago. Like Rosemary, he also has dreams. Unlike Rosemary, his are just kind of regular.

Dan Stearnes (Halloween) (aka Suspiria10) has been a horror lover since the womb thanks to his mother’s fondness for the genre. Based smack dab in the Arizona desert, he one day hopes to do something fun within the genre.

Linda Townsend (Them!), 45, is from Arkansas, U.S.A. and has held such diverse occupations as KFC manager, caring for the mentally disabled, and factory worker for Whirlpool. Married 21 years to her husband/soul mate, she loves to watch all kinds of movies, but she prefers the classic sci-f/horrors of the ’50s and ’60s.

Michelle Trudel (Se7en) is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner currently residing in Chicago. When not espousing the virtues of love, peace and meditation, she watches her favorite horror flicks wearing the sweetest pair of Godzilla slippers you’ll ever see. And no, you can’t have them.

Michael Vario (The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Phantasm) has been a fan of horror for over 40 years. He was raised on Long Island, New York and currently resides in New York City.

Gert Verbeeck (Gojira), lives in Brussels, Belgium. As a writer/director, his documentary short House of an Architect was accepted as an official selection of Cinéma des Indépendants (a Brussels short film festival) in May 2006. Also active as a musician/composer, Gert’s current rock band, Carlos, recently finished recording the album, An Evening with Maria Gomez.

Jake W. (King Kong) is a writer (somewhat), an aspiring fantasy/horror artist, and has been a horror film fanatic ever since he can remember. He lives in the United States where he continues to waste each and every day rotting his brain with movies, both good and bad.

Joel R. Warren (Hunchback of Notre Dame, House on Haunted Hill) is a mathematics teacher, film lover, and general-purpose curmudgeon. His love of movies can be traced back many years, to happy days of playing hooky from school to catch the afternoon feature.

Craig G. Watson
(The Uninvited) was born in England and now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife and their two cats. He is a senior graphic designer by trade and enjoys writing horror fiction in his spare time. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his first horror novel, The Safe House.

David White (Eyes Without a Face) is the Associate Artistic Director of Passage Theatre in Trenton, New Jersey. He has contributed to Video Watchdog and the Turkish film magazine Geceyarisi Cinemasi (Midnight Cinema). David is the author of Fantomas in America (forthcoming from Black Coat Press), a novel based on the lost American movie serial directed by Edward Sedgewick.

William S. Wilson (Martin) is a certifiable horror/sci-fi genre addict, and has contributed to various genre publications and websites. He currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia and graduated from the College of William & Mary. When not watching good movies, he is usually watching really bad ones.

Thierry Wybauw (Profondo Rosso, Westworld) resides in Antwerp, Belgium. As Dario the 2nd, he’s proud to be one of the oldest (since 1999) regulars on the IMDb horror boards, continuing to spread the word so that generation after generation will be able to detect the roots of today’s modern age of horror-cinema. (

Timothy Young (Asylum) is a) from Lancaster, U.K., b) a webmaster and chief reviewer at cult DVD site and c) a lifelong fan of obscure films from every decade and corner of the planet.

Zane Younger (Psycho) is a student living in Charleston, SC, U.S.A., and has been a horror fan for many years. Agatha Christie novels started his interest in the macabre when he was younger. Zane lives a happy normal life and plans to continue his happy existence for many, many years to come.

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