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“Bringing a refreshingly egalitarian approach to the subject, Horror 101 collects musings on our favorite chillers not by the expected assortment of critics and filmmakers, but the audience – the fans themselves.(…)”
Joe Dante, director, The Howling, Pirahna, Gremlins

“(…) Edited and compiled by Dr. AC (Aaron Christensen), this collection of essays provides in-depth readings on some of the most important, influential and just plain great movies that have shaped the fright genre. (…)”
Rebekah McKendry, Fangoria

“(…) The love and respect these folks have for the genre is beyond question.  All this, and an intro by Tom Savini – what’s not to like?”

John W. Bowen,
Rue Morgue


“What exactly are these people talking about?”, you might wonder. Let me give you a little introduction…

I don’t know exactly how many people on this big clod of earth were contacted through various means by a certain Dr. AC, Fool For Blood aka Aaron Christensen somewhere during the year 2006. But I do know they all had one thing in common: Their love for horror movies. And 78 of those people eventually signed up on a mammoth project with a unique angle: Creating something that just might become the ultimate reference guide for horror movie lovers. A book that would introduce newcomers to 110 must-see genre films from the 20th century as well as giving die-hard fans a very enjoyable trip down Memory Lane. And what’s so unique about it? This really is a book for the fans, by the fans. Or, as Aaron likes to summarize:


320 pages with * 122 photos from * 110 films covered in *
101 essays by * 78 horror fans from  * 12 different countries
= 1 indispensable horror reference guide


One year and a lot of blood, sweat & tears later – must have been somewhere around Halloween, October 2007 – the book made its debut on the shelves, as published by American-based company Midnight Marquee Press. Dr AC’s brainchild, Horror 101The A-List of Horror Films and Monster Movies, Vol.1, had materialized into this world, ready to begin leading a life of its own…


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Besides having received great praises and reviews already, and as much as a great accomplishment the finished book might be, the most wonderful story from behind the scenes in the making of Horror 101 is that of one guy uniting a bunch of like-minded people from all over the globe to create something very special. Or, let me freely quote the good doctor again, “Bringing the world together – one horror film at a time…” And that’s indeed what Aaron did. On the one hand, people are actually buying and loving the book. On the other hand (behind the scenes again) some of the newborn authors from Horror 101 got together on their terms. One of the collaborations lead to the creation of this very website you’re looking at now. We have contributors on here who are also fellow Horror 101 authors. It seems like the world ain’t that big a place after all, come to think of it…

Since January 2010, Aaron Christensen is also running his (renewed) Horror 101 With Dr. AC blog, documenting all the films he wraps his eyes around as well as exclusive film festival coverage and other musings and statistics about genre releases both new and old. Go take a peak and read all the goods for yourself by clicking this banner…

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Horror 101, the book, can still be ordered & bought through Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

And if you feel like learning more about Horror 101 first, then go ahead and check out the special goodies we have featured on these pages by clicking on the links below. It will be as interesting as it’ll be plain fun!

Terrifying regards, and watch, breath and read… the Horror.
– V.

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