March 14th, 2009 by Sterf

Haxan   haxan 86x120 full length movies Director: Benjamin Christensen
Writer: Benjamin Christensen
Release Year: 1922

God may be a DJ, but Satan is a director

Regarded as one of the first cult-films and the first full-length documentary, this Danish silent movie about witchcraft is not one to miss. Don’t be discouraged by the rather dry first chapter of 12 minutes which shows mostly wood carvings and explains some of the rituals and background of medieval superstitions, as afterwards you’ll be rewarded with a great documentary played out with wonderful acting. The director himself plays Satan, seducing maidens and pestering priests, and does a great job at that. Being a very high budget film for its time, it also has some very realistic make-up and special effects.

The macabre atmosphere oozes from it, and its acts of blasphemy and perversion (not to mention occasional nudity) that are shown got it banned in a heartbeat in many countries. If you don’t watch this one, Satan himself will kick you in the crotch while you are sleeping. And if he doesn’t, I will.

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DivX 747 MB

The DVD linked to here-under features the 1967 version narrated by William S. Burroughs and a jazz score, as well as the original version. There’s also a great little book on the movie and the director, found here.

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