offscreen 2009

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Second edition of Offscreen Film Festival.

Brussels, 5th March – 22nd March 2009

Main location: Cinema Nova

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For more info on the 2009 program, please visit our news section.


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Offscreen 2009   raro giallo1 90x120 uncategorized Raro Italiano»
Offscreen 2009   post apo 68x120 uncategorized Post-Apocalyptic Film»
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First Off-Screenings»

Offscreen 2009   castle 150x111 uncategorized William Castle»
Offscreen 2009   ozploitation 91x120 uncategorized Ozploitation»


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Calibro 35»

Bringing you music from an era when Italy was still a free country… The music of Calibro 35 is a delicious combination of original 60′s & 70′s theme songs and contemporary compositions of their own. Accompanied by visuals, samples and outtakes from many obscure Italian genre films on Cinema Nova’s big silver screen, Calibro 35 gave us a memorable performance, groovy as hell and psychedelically warped. A photographic impression of how it all went down…

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Corrado Farina.

Brian Trenchard-Smith, Richard Brennan & Mark Hartley.





Coming, rather later than sooner… or perhaps never at all. We need to hire us a secretary to clean up our archives first. And, well, money to pay her.

(“What about the Leprechaun?” BTS interview)

(Captain Catastrophy)

(Brennan on Hopper – opt)

(introduction to Stunt Rock – opt)

(introduction to Long Weekend – opt)

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