BIFFF 2013

BIFFF 2013   BIFFF 2013 poster 84x120 Howdy folks, boys & ghouls, ladies & succubi altogether…

Yes, Cult Reviews was present at BIFFF 2013, running around like a multi-headed headless chicken, being distracted by various horrific priorities that seemed to pop up out of the ominous fantastic void of… Okay, cut the crap.

It’s the year 2013, month of April to be specific. Our good friend from over the abyss-like depths of the Atlantic Ocean pond, Chicago-based actor/writer Aaron Christensen, was running alongside with us at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – or crossing our like-minded path, bumping into and whirl-winding around each other is more like it; we still need to apologize for the collateral damage he undoubtedly caused in the process. But having much more his wits about when it came to an organized film viewing schedule during the festival, we can thankfully – and proudly – direct you now to an overview of all the screenings he attended at BIFFF 2013.

In the good (plagiarizing) words of the doc, one link to rule them all: AC’s BIFFF 2013 REVIEW ROUND-UP!!!

Bonus material includes: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2013 – Award Winners and BIFFF 2013 Makeup/Body Painting Winners.

Go read his words and thoughts on the films, and indulge yourself in the many pics, film stills and poster art!

Thank you, HorrorHound Magazine, for putting our Fool-For-Bloodbrother on a plane to come and join our fantastic film festivities in downtown Brussels, Belgium!

Oh, yes, yours truly did manage to watch a selection of films during BIFFF 2013. Here’s a poster gallery of all the attended screenings, so you can trace back our chronological steps into the darkened BOZAR theaters via our viewing experiences…

(click posters to enlarge & browse)

BIFFF 2013   01 Byzantium 81x120 BIFFF 2013   02 Hellgate 82x120 BIFFF 2013   03 Kiss of the Damned 80x120 BIFFF 2013   04 The Complex 84x120 BIFFF 2013   05 maniac 87x120 BIFFF 2013   06 Crawlspace 95x120 BIFFF 2013   07 I Declare War 83x120 BIFFF 2013   08 Spiders 3D 81x120 BIFFF 2013   09 A fantastic Fear of Everything 80x120 BIFFF 2013   10 Vanishing Waves 90x120 BIFFF 2013   11 A Haunting In Georgia 83x120 BIFFF 2013   12 Mama 83x120 BIFFF 2013   13 John Dies At The End 80x120 BIFFF 2013   14 Ghost Graduation 82x120 BIFFF 2013   15 Stitches 81x120 BIFFF 2013   16 Sawney Flesf of Man 81x120 BIFFF 2013   17 The Forest 83x120 BIFFF 2013   18 Fairytale 84x120 BIFFF 2013   19 American Mary 80x120 BIFFF 2013   20 Hellbenders 80x120 BIFFF 2013   21 After 85x120 BIFFF 2013   22 Paura 3D 83x120 BIFFF 2013   23 The Human Race 94x120 BIFFF 2013   24 Pieta 83x120 BIFFF 2013   25 Dracula 3D 83x120 BIFFF 2013   26 Stoker 80x120

For our Dutch/Flemish readers, you can find an overview with film reviews written by Dorien Pepermans and Gert Verbeeck in Cutting Edge’s BIFFF 2013 Special, including Dorien’s Critical Love Letter and Gert’s interview with Dario Argento.

With blood-soaked sincerity,


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