Bifff 2012

Bifff 2012   BIFFF2012 A4 ENG1 84x120 The 30th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival has come and gone. Unlike my good colleague, dear friend & horror movie blood brother Aaron Christensen, I didn’t feel the urge to watch and review every single film shown at this year’s edition of the BIFFF (he’s quite the completist when it comes to these things and you can go read all about his Brussels adventures, including the many movie reviews, over at his Horror 101 blog). Instead, I opted to watch various movies on a comfortable schedule as I went along. Just to be able to present you an overview consisting of 30 movies, watched over the course of the 13-days-long festival. And what a fun ride it was.

Before I forget, a big shout-out to this year’s amazingly enthusiastic & perfectly skilled BIFFF press team. The festival simply wouldn’t have been the same without all of you. I’m talking about head honcho Jonathan Lenaerts and his lovely ladies with their distinct talents, utterly loveable personalities and various nationalities. Here’s a photo of them taken during the night of the festival’s notorious Vampire Ball, a night of partying, a lot of make-up & costumes, dancing, chit-chatting and an abundance of Cuvée des Trolls…

Bifff 2012   The Press Ladies Vlad VDK 300x200

From left to right: Roxane (Italian/Belgian), Sophie (Swiss), Laura (Belgian/Flemish), Alexandra (Belgian/Wallonian), Elli (Greek/Belgian). Photo by Vlad VDK.

And here’s Dungeon Master Jonathan, showing us what it takes to run a press team…

Bifff 2012   BIFFF 30th anniversary jonathan ladies 211x300

Enough with the smoochies and on with the movies. You’ll find the reviews below, linked to 6 pages, simply listed chronologically, viewed as they screened during the festival…

Click on the posters to enlarge them (that goes for all photos). Click on the numbered pages to go read the movie reviews.


The Raven, Sennentuntschi, The Sorcerer And The White Snake, The Divide, The Butterfly Room

Bifff 2012   The Raven 2012 poster01 80x120 Bifff 2012   Sennentuntschi poster01 83x120 Bifff 2012   The Sorcerer and the White Snake 2011 poster 01 84x120 Bifff 2012   The Divide 2011 poster01 81x120 Bifff 2012   The Butterfly Room 2012 84x120


Lockout, Truth Or Dare, As Luck Would Have It, The Woman, The Sandman

Bifff 2012   Lockout 2012 poster01 90x120 Bifff 2012   Truth Or Dare 2011 80x120 Bifff 2012   La Chispa De La Vida 2011 84x120 Bifff 2012   the woman poster01 83x120 Bifff 2012   Der Sandmann 2011 84x120


The Whistleblower, Kotoko, Tormented, Eliminate: Archie Cookson, Father’s Day

Bifff 2012   the whistleblower 84x120 Bifff 2012   kotoko tsukamoto 84x120 Bifff 2012   Tormented poster02 83x120 Bifff 2012   Eliminate Archie Cookson 2011 81x120 Bifff 2012   Fathers Day poster01 81x120


One Way Trip, Game Of Werewolves, Bloodwork, Letters To Angel, Juan Of The Dead

Bifff 2012   One Way Trip poster01 83x120 Bifff 2012   game of werewolves lobos de arga 84x120 Bifff 2012   Bloodwork 2011 94x120 Bifff 2012   letters to angel 85x120 Bifff 2012   juan of the dead poster 01 85x120


Extraterrestrial, Poongsan, Retreat, Iron Sky, Elevator

Bifff 2012   extraterrestre poster01 80x120 Bifff 2012   Poongsan poster01 84x120 Bifff 2012   Retreat 2011 poster01 80x120 Bifff 2012   Iron Sky poster01 80x120 Bifff 2012   Elevator 2011 81x120


Panic Button, The Awakening, Paranormal Xperience, Beast, The Cabin In The Woods

Bifff 2012   Panic Button poster01 82x120 Bifff 2012   The Awakening 2011 84x120 Bifff 2012   paranormal xperience poster01 80x120 Bifff 2012   beast 2011 81x120 Bifff 2012   cabin in the woods poster01 82x120

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