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Day 9 (18/04)

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Bifff 2009   Dents posterCR1 90x120 uncategorized Director: Stephen Cafiero and Vincent Lobelle
Writer: Jean-Patrick Benes, Stephen Cafiero, Allan Maudit and Vincent Lobelle
Release year: 2008

Les Dents De La Nuit feels like a film that tries to be of the same grandeur Roman Polanski‘s Dance of the Vampires is made of and wants to be as funny as the recent German Night of the Living Dorks. If that was the directors’ aim, it fails on both levels. A bunch of friends manage to obtain VIP invitations to a fancy party in a big mountaintop castle. They haven’t got the slightest clue they’ve just been invited to a vampire gathering and they’re on tonight’s menu. Oh yes, the film does try and there’s several funny bits in Les Dents De La Nuit that’ll have you chuckle. But ultimately the film is too clichéd and too silly for its own good. Nothing really sticks with you afterwards and the whole film turns out forgettable really fast. The film’s title is a notable spoof on the French version of Jaws, which is called Les Dents De La Mer. And if you really want me to say it: This film lacks bite.

Rating: Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized

Bifff 2009   Dents waaarghCR 150x99 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Dents vingerCR 150x99 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Dents dry hump 150x99 uncategorized


Bifff 2009   House poster011 81x120 uncategorized Director: Dennis Iliadis
Writer: Adam Elleca and Carl Ellsworth, based on a 1972 screenplay by Wes Craven
Release year: 2009

I think this remake was utterly unnecessary (but not redundant), felt fairly castrated, smelled predictably altered and got happily classified in my “didn’t mind” folder. This being said, The Last House On The Left (2009) is technically the better film (how could it not have been, more than 30 years after the original was made). It’s just guilty of being yet another example of Hollywood’s trendy habit of updating every thinkable genre film of any significance. Wes Craven‘s version – you can read Joel’s review here if you want to know about the story – earned its rightful place in 70′s exploitation cinema history, I’ll give it that. But it’s only because of this succesful revival of survival horror going on for a few years now, that this film got remade. If it wasn’t for remakes like Alexander Aja‘s The Hills Have Eyes being the hit it was, I’m sure not one single Hollywood producer would have been interested in remaking The Last House On The Left. But here it is, and I’ll admit it’s a much tighter film than Craven‘s original, better executed altogether. But that doesn’t actually make it better or worse in general. It follows the same pattern, story-wise, but what else could it do? And the few alterations/additions they did inject into the script, are plain bad ones, making it a lesser film on some level. They even added an extra male character for no purpose other than to appeal to nowadays teenage audiences. That was a really pathetic attempt to reach a bigger target audience. You think we’re that stupid we wouldn’t notice this, Mr. Producers? Oh well, if you don’t know what all happens in the original 70′s film, then this 2009 version comes across as a decent – and deceivingly original – revenge film. It is actually pretty decent in its own right, but only the last half hour truly delivers in terms of shocks and violence. The rape & misogyny aspects earlier in the film were severely watered down. One kill near the end in particular was brutally staged and executed by the person least expected. But on the other hand, the film is devoided of female nudity, which is simply unforgivable. And this time I don’t mean that as a joke. Just watch the original film, and you’ll understand. For me, about the only thing of the whole film that put a grin on my face, was the tagged-on epilogue-scene. I’ve seen people say “I hated that last part”. To me, it was the best, most unexpected part (read: killing) of the film: Open door. Head goes in. “Bzzzzzzz” and… “SPLAT!”. Grin on face. Oh yes.

Rating: Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized

Bifff 2009   House woods 150x99 uncategorized Bifff 2009   House venster 150x99 uncategorized Bifff 2009   House op tafel 150x99 uncategorized

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