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Day 7 (15/04)

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Bifff 2009   flawless affiche01CR 81x120 uncategorized Director: Michael Radford
Writer: Edward Anderson
Release year: 2007

I was a little sceptical going into Flawless, mainly due to the fact that Demi Moore isn’t really one of my favorite actresses. I used to not care much about Michael Caine either, but luckily that changed over the years. I should have known better. Director Michael Radford convinced me already with B. Monkey back in ’98. And writer Edward Anderson recently directed the solid Bifff 2009   flawless affiche03CR 80x120 uncategorized indie-thriller Shuttle. This being said, Flawless turned out to be nothing short of excellent. A clever, carefully constructed plot drives this stylish crime-drama. It’s light-hearted in tone, occasionally venturing into thriller territory. Set in the 1960′s, we’re introduced to Mr. Hobbs (Michael Caine), a cynical janitor working for the London Diamond Corporation. When he meets Laura Quinn (Demi Moore), an executive employee out for promotion – but to Hobbs’ knowledge on the verge of getting fired – he decides to let her in on his secret: Hobbs plans a robbery on the LDC and wants Quinn to be his accomplice. A fine film that kept my interest right up ’til the satisfying conclusion.

Rating: Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized

Bifff 2009   flawless 1CR 150x99 uncategorized Bifff 2009   flawless 2CR 150x97 uncategorized Bifff 2009   flawless 3CR 150x92 uncategorized



Bifff 2009   deadgirl poster 02 92x120 uncategorized Director: Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel
Writer: Trent Haaga
Release year: 2008

Two high school friends find an undead, naked young woman in the basement of an abandoned asylum. The most resourceful guy (with malignant intent) decides it would be a fun thing to strap her to a bed and use her as a sex slave. Now, if you approach this premise from the implausible side (Why is that zombie-girl down there? Nobody knows of this? How did she became a member of the living dead? Who in their right mind would have sex with this being? etc.), then you’re approaching it from the wrong side and this movie’s various, interesting themes will by totally lost on you. Here we get a (very) disturbing drama about friendship, betrayal, love, coming of age, and well, how sick exactly a human mind can get. This isn’t exactly a fast-paced, exciting film, but the psychological nature of this film (in a cause & effect way) is very interesting, to say the least. Deadgirl‘s tone is dead-serious, and this works in favor of the film. The main events all take place in the asylum basement location, but instead of getting tedious, things slowly escalate to a point where they inevitably become really messed up. Certainly worth a watch if you dig indie-horror served on a foul plate instead of a silver platter.

Rating: Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized

Bifff 2009   dead girl 01CR 150x68 uncategorized Bifff 2009   dead girl 03CR 150x100 uncategorized Bifff 2009   dead girl 02CR 150x99 uncategorized

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