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Day 12 (15/04)

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Bifff 2009   Right One poster02 85x120 uncategorized Director: Tomas Alfredson
Writer: John Ajvide Lindqvist, based on his novel
Release year: 2008
Swedish title: Lât den rätte komma in

What’s there to say about this film that hasn’t been said already? It’s received ravingly good reviews and wildly enthusiastic responses all over the net already. Honestly, I did become a bit fed-up with all the hype surrounding this film. Moreover, since most of the exuberant praises seemed to be coming from overseas – that’s the USA I’m referring to – I think that actually says more about the current state of American productions than it says about whether or not Let The Right One In is a masterpiece. Speculating on its succes on various overseas festivals, I conclude it’s mainly because we’re not dealing with a Scandinavian (or European, for that matter) film that tries to imitate the American ways of filmmaking. To me, Let The Right One In doesn’t really come across as highly innovating or extremely original. It merely has its own innovating ways of adding original angles and themes to the worn-out concept of vampirism. Yes, for that alone, it deserves an award. Or two perhaps, as the film’s very succesful in its ways. Furthermore, the acting is good, but it didn’t really blow me away (yes, the two protagonists where very young and did a more than decent job, so they deserve the credit, but I didn’t find their performances to be a revelation or something). The cinematography is sober and beautiful at times, but nothing we’re not accustomed to from other Scandinavian or European films. Anyway, I’m really only criticising the hype here. As for the film, it’s excellent. I loved its subtle ways, covering up the shocks and more disturbing themes cleverly underneath the surface. The setting had a favorable mundane feel to it, slightly depressing at times even, but all the more real. The characters were believable, human, almost reaching out for us to identify with them. The ending is great. So yes, this is a very fine, well-made film. I just hate the fact that it got praised and hyped so much that an American remake has already entered pre-production.

Rating: Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   halfstar uncategorized

Bifff 2009   Right One bloodgirl 150x100 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Right One ouwe 150x109 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Right One knifeboy 150x99 uncategorized


Bifff 2009   Pass poster02 83x120 uncategorized Director: Rodrigo García
Writer: Ronny Christensen
Release year: 2008

In many ways, Passengers is a good film. It looks fine, has a good cast capable of handling drama and above all, it has an intriguing premise and a fine mystery plot. But sadly, the final conclusion turned out to be somewhat of a let-down. I actually should have seen it coming, but perhaps it was a good thing I was too tangled up with following the story set-by-step as it proceeded, trying to solve things along with it, as opposed to be speculating on or trying to predict the final outcome. Passengers deals with a group of plane-crash survivors. Claire Summers is a therapist handling their grief councelling sessions. Falling in love with one of the survivors does complicate things a bit. But when her patients start disappearing, she’s compelled to dig deeper for answers… The plot does a reasonable job in keeping its true nature a secret, but like I said, in the end you should have seen it coming. Don’t expect all too horrific events either, as the mystery focusses more on its psychological nature, only getting a bit more chilling on rare occasions. There’s nothing really bad to say about Passengers. It all just could have been a bit more memorable.

Rating: Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   halfstar uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized

Bifff 2009   Pass she 150x100 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Pass him 150x92 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Pass david morse 150x99 uncategorized


Bifff 2009   Trailerterror poster02 81x120 uncategorized Director: Steve Goldmann
Writer: Timothy Dolan
Release year: 2008

Well now, look at this… I believe that if Rob Zombie would grow himself a sense of humor, Trailer Park Of Terror is the kind of film he could be making. It would have looked good as an early film on his resumé, but unfortunately Rob prefers to be all too serious about “re-imagining” genre classics. Anyway, we’re talking about Steve Goldmann‘s film here, and Trailer Park Of Terror should be the perfect midnight screening at any horror film festival. The plot is as simple as can be: A handful of teens get stranded in an isolated trailer park along some godforsaken, desolate highway. Unfortunately for them, the place has a dark history and is haunted by goulish ghosts – not really spirits or zombies – from the past. Yet none of them can expect this, as the few inhabitants still left, seem friendly and hospitable. I think it’s obvious that Goldmann wanted the audience to have fun with this film, and as far as I’m concerned, he bloody well succeeded. Not only are there quite a bit of humorous events and some great laughs to be had with the devilish white trash zombie-ghosts, the rundown trailer park is also a genuinely creepy setting (especially at night). The kills are both amusing and gruesome, the make-up effects are fine and the acting’s good enough too. Considering the modest budget, Trailer Park Of Terror really turned out a fine accomplishment. It all could have been much worse in the hands of a lesser director. Steve Goldmann has a history in directing music videos & related films, and even one hilarious scene in Trailer Park Of Terror echoes his experiences in that field. This being said, if Goldmann continues to do genre films, he sure is a director to keep an eye on.

Rating: Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   star uncategorized Bifff 2009   halfstar uncategorized Bifff 2009   blankstar uncategorized

Bifff 2009   Trailerterror cowboy 150x85 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Trailerterror ghouls 150x86 uncategorized Bifff 2009   Trailerterror make up 150x83 uncategorized

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