Crimes of Passion

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 by Perfesser Deviant

Crimes of Passion   crimes of passion poster 81x120 thriller reviews reviews Director: Ken Russell
: Barry Sandler
Release year
: 1984

Crimes of Passion   Offscreen 2014 minilogo thriller reviews reviews Psychosexual Sexual Psycho

Bobby (John Laughlin) and Amy Grady (Annie Potts) are married, with children, but not wealthy enough for Amy’s taste. In order to make some more money to keep Amy happy, Bobby takes on some extra night work conducting surveillance on a woman – Joanna Crane (Kathleen Turner) – at the behest of Joanna’s employer. Bobby is shocked to discover that Joanna is leading a double life as a clothing designer by day and exotic $50 hooker called “China Blue” by night; he’s even more shocked when he realizes he’s attracted to her despite being married. Aside from decency, the biggest obstacle to their potential happiness is the unhinged street preacher Rev. Peter Shayne (Anthony Perkins) who’s stalking Joanna because he wants to “save” her.

Preachers are like that.


Dead Ringers

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 by J. Luis Rivera

Dead Ringers   dead ringers dvd red11 80x120 thriller reviews reviews horror drama Director: David Cronenberg
Writer: Norman Sinder and David Cronenberg based on a book by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland
Release Year: 1988

Love is the deadliest disease

Few filmmakers have a style as clearly defined as Canadian director David Cronenberg, whose career has been developed on a constantly evolving path moving from the themes of extreme physical horror of his early years (which culminate in the awesome remake of “The Fly” in 1986) to the subtler, psychologically oriented (though no less disturbing) themes of his recent work. Like a trip from the outer body horror to the inner one, the one of the mind.


Death Weekend

Saturday, March 17th, 2012 by Vomitron

Death Weekend   DW poster01 83x120 thriller reviews reviews horror comedy Director: William Fruet
William Fruet
Release Year:
Aka Title:
The House By The Lake

Weekend of Fun & Violence

Death Weekend   Offscreen 2012 mini logo thriller reviews reviews horror comedy Four lowlife losers get what they deserve when losing an amusing street race by crashing their hot rod vehicle into a river. The winning Corvette car belongs to rich pervy playboy dentist Harry (Chuck Shamata), who’s just looking for some sex with fashion model Diane (Brenda Vaccaro) in his secluded house by the lake. Diane did all the driving, which immediately makes her a very strong & resourceful lady and him a sore whimp. The four antagonists don’t handle defeat very well, so they go searching for the couple to even the score.


Death Wish 3

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 by Coventry

Death Wish 3   Death Wish 3 dvd CR 84x120 thriller reviews reviews drama action Director: Michael Winner
Don Jakoby and Brian Garfield
Release Year:

Death Wish 3   Offscreen 2015 mini logo thriller reviews reviews drama action Charlie’s Angels… of Vengeance!

Charles Bronson is back in the streets of New York and his relentless quest for justice continues in this third entry in the ‘Death Wish’ franchise. Paul Kersey takes the term “stick to one’s guns” quite seriously here, as virtually everything that fires something becomes the ultimate deadly weapon in his hands. And all the scum throughout the city will know it!


Exterminator 2

Saturday, March 14th, 2015 by Coventry

Exterminator 2   Exterminator 2 poster 01 CR 79x120 thriller reviews reviews drama action Director: Mark Buntzman
Writer: Mark Buntzman, William Sachs and James Glickenhaus
Release Year: 1984

Exterminator 2   Offscreen 2015 mini logo thriller reviews reviews drama action Hey Robert, got a light?

Charles Bronson is back in the streets of New York and… no, wait, that’s another movie… Robert Ginty is back in the streets of New York and has made incinerating bad guys with his flamethrower his full time occupation by now. And as it just so happens to be, there’s a vicious drug gang operating the area just dying to get torched.