Science Fiction

The Quiet Earth (Review)

Saturday, August 9th, 2008 by Vomitron

The Quiet Earth (Review)   thequietearth 84x120 sci fi reviews drama Director: Geoff Murphy
Writers: Bill Baer, Bruno Lawrence & Sam Pillsbury (based on a novel by Graig Harrison)
Release year: 1985

Condemned to live

Zac Hobson wakes up to what could have been a normal day. But it’s not. His life will never be the same as he finds out he’s the only person left on this earth. What happened and where have all the people gone?


The Unknown

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 by Vomitron

The Unknown   the unknown dvdcover 83x120 sci fi reviews horror Director: Michael Hjorth
Writers: Michael Hjorth and Tomas Tivemark
Release year: 2000
Swedish title:
Det Okända

Who goes there?

The Unknown   mr horror minilogo sci fi reviews horror A group of five biologists travels up to Norrland, situated in the northern part of Sweden, to investigate a burned down forest region. During their first scout, they find a strangely deformed cadaver of a small, unidentifiable creature. Taking it back to their camp site was the first mistake they made…


The World, The Flesh and the Devil

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 by Coventry

The World, The Flesh and the Devil   world the flesh and the devil 78x120 sci fi reviews drama DirectorRanald MacDougall
WriterRanald MacDougall, based on a story by Ferdinand Reyher and a novel by M.P. Shiel
Release year1959

Three’s always a crowd!

The World, The Flesh and the Devil   offscreen 2009 mini logo1 sci fi reviews drama Ralph Burton isn’t exactly having a good day. First, the mine he’s working in collapses. And when he finally manages to crawl his way out to freedom, he finds himself to be the last man on the face of this earth…


There will come soft rains

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 by Coventry

There will come soft rains   cover01 96x120 sci fi reviews animation DirectorNazim Tulyakhozayev
WriterNazim Tulyakhozayev, based on a story by Ray Bradbury and inspired by a Sarah Teasdale poem
Release year1984

Perplexing Russian short

There will come soft rains   offscreen 2009 mini logo sci fi reviews animation The year is 2026. Nuclear devestation has happened. In one house, tireless robots and absurd machinery once programmed by humans, continue to perform their monotonous tasks…


To The Stars By Hard Ways

Thursday, April 14th, 2011 by Coventry

To The Stars By Hard Ways   to the stars by hard ways 1983 79x120 sci fi reviews Directors: Richard Viktorov and Nicolai Viktorov
Kir Bulychyov and Richard Viktorov
Release year:

To The Stars By Hard Ways   Offscreen 2011 mini logo sci fi reviews Meet the Humanoid Woman from beyond the stars!

Welcome to vintage futuristic Russia. Where stereotypical house robots stroll around bleeping and people go to their jobs on distant planets. Where an intergalactic female immigrant, who has curly white hair and behaves very nervously, is found in outer space and brought back to earth. Where unforseen events, following her initial domestic adventures, will lead a space crew into the uncharted territories of her far away home planet.