An American Carol

Friday, August 7th, 2009 by Perfesser Deviant

An American Carol   AmericanCarolposter 85x120 reviews fantasy comedy Director: David Zucker
Writers: David Zucker, Myrna Sokoloff & Lewis Friedman based on a book by Charles Dickens (who, for some reason, is uncredited)
Release Year: 2008

A classic novel, raped.

Liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Malone (Kevin P. Farley) is trying to end celebration of the 4th of July when the ghost of John F. Kennedy (Chriss Anglin) steps out of his television like Samara and tells him he will be visited by three spirits. The first, and only one who’s more than a cameo, is General George S. Patton (Kelsey Grammer), the second is George Washington (Jon Voight), and the third is Trace Adkins. Around this mangling of Dickens’ classic is wrought a story of terrorist Aziz (Robert Davi) hoping to use Malone to further his goals….



Saturday, June 18th, 2011 by Vomitron

Deathstalker   deathstalker dvd 84x120 reviews horror fantasy Director: James Sbardellati
Howard R. Cohen
Release year:

One boobie, two boobies, four boobies, six boobies, eight…

The fearless warrior Deathstalker (Richard Hill), defender of all women who expose their breasts, sets off on a quest to obtain three ancient relics with magical powers. The evil magician Munkar (Bernard Erhard) pretty much wants the same, only he cares a bit less about topless women and more about, well, uhm, doing evil things. Naturally, there’s also a princess held captive which the mighty Deathstalker has to save.


Deathstalker II

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 by Vomitron and Perfesser Deviant

Deathstalker II   deathstalker ii poster02 88x120 reviews horror fantasy comedy Director: Jim Wynorski
Neil Ruttenberg, R.J. Robertson and Jim Wynorski
Release year:

Duel of the Boobies

Princess Evie (Monique Gabrielle) meets Deathstalker (John Terlesky) when she’s being abused by the king’s guards. She gets him to help her on a quest to wrest control of her kingdom back from Jarek the Sorcerer (John Lazar) and his clone of Evie (also Monique Gabrielle). They have some comedic adventures, etc.



Thursday, May 7th, 2009 by Vomitron

Dream   dream alterna poster 85x120 romance reviews fantasy drama Director: Kim Ki-Duk
Writer: Kim Ki-Duk
Release year: 2008
Korean title: Bi-Mong

Destructive romance on a higher level

Dream   bifff2009 minilogo romance reviews fantasy drama When Jin enters his realm of dreams, an unknown woman acts out his experiences for real in a state of unawareness. Discomforting events increase dramatically when the faiths of these two lost souls become more and more entangled.


First Men In The Moon

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 by Coventry

First Men In The Moon   First Men in the Moon 1964 79x120 sci fi reviews fantasy comedy Director: Nathan Juran
Nigel Kneale and Jan Read, based on the story by H.G. Wells
Release year:

First Men In The Moon   Offscreen 2011 mini logo sci fi reviews fantasy comedy In your face, Neil Armstrong!

The eerie wonders of the moon get unravelled by Ray Harryhausen‘s visionary visual effects in this retro-sci-fi classic when a nutty scientist & a loving couple travel to our silver globe in a ludicrous rocket ship.