Nos Miran

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 by J. Luis Rivera

Nos Miran   Nos Miran front 83x120 thriller reviews reviews horror drama Director: Norberto López Amado
Jorge Guerricaechevarría based on a novel by Javier García Sánchez
Release year:
English title:
They Are Watching Us

A descent into madness: Spanish Gothic Style

Nos Miran   Mr Horror minilogo thriller reviews reviews horror drama Spain’s horror film industry had a huge comeback in the 90′s with directors such as Álex de la Iglesia, Jaume Balagueró and specially, Alejandro Amenábar; a new generation of young directors demonstrating that there was a lot more going on in Spain’s cinema besides Pedro Almodóvar‘s already famous melodramas. The nightmarish nights and the urban decay of Spain’s big cities, the grim and ghostly memories of the country’s troubled past and in particular, that characteristic black humor that Spaniards domain very well. These have become the main ingredients of that tasty mix producing the dark fantasies of Spain’s new horror films.


Rolling Thunder

Monday, October 21st, 2013 by Anna McKibben

Rolling Thunder   RT poster 03 80x120 thriller reviews reviews drama action Director: John Flynn
Paul Schrader and Heywood Gould
Release year:

When Charlie comes marching home again…

A POW returns from Hanoi to find his family have moved on with their lives without him. But when four men steal a gift of over 2000 silver dollars from his home before killing his wife and son, he recruits a fellow veteran to get revenge.



Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 by Vomitron and Coventry

Rubber   Rubber dvd front 85x120 thriller reviews reviews horror drama comedy Director: Quentin Dupieux
Quentin Dupieux
Release year:

One tire, two reviews.

Rubber   Offscreen 2011 mini logo thriller reviews reviews horror drama comedy Rubber   Zeno Pictures mini logo thriller reviews reviews horror drama comedy Rubber is a roadmovie about the most lonesome killer imaginable. He doesn’t talk. He doesn’t walk. He doesn’t listen. He just lurks, stalks and… blows things up.  His name is Robert, and he was the star of this year’s opening movie for Offscreen Film Festival 2011. Not one, but two of us attended the screening. Hence, another dual-review.


Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between A Criminal And A Whore

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 by Vomitron

Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between A Criminal And A Whore   10 Ruined Heart 2014 FB 84x120 romance reviews drama action Director: Khavn
Writer: Khavn
Release Year: 2014
Original Philippine Title: ‘Pusong Wasak: Isa Na Namang Kwento Ng Pag-ibig Sa Pagitan Ng Kriminal At Puta’

Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between A Criminal And A Whore   Offscreen 2015 mini logo romance reviews drama action No love. No story. But all the rest was interesting.

Against all odds or perhaps as to be expected, a criminal and a prostitute have sex, fall in love and run off together. A bit less against all odds and certainly more likely to be expected, the local king pin doesn’t appreciate this since we can be fairly certain here that he considers the prostitute his property. Or perhaps his wife. Doesn’t really matter. From then on, people start running…


Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Friday, July 4th, 2008 by Hieronymos Grost

Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom   salodvd 85x120 reviews horror drama Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Writers: Pier Paolo Pasolini and Sergio Citti
Release Year: 1976
Italian title: Salò O Le 120 Giornate Di Sodoma

A manifesto for perversion and evil

As Allied forces began their final push to control Italy, a group of Fascist leaders in Salo, Northern Italy, (the last bastion of Nazism left in Italy) who knowing their time is limited, decide to bow out with a bang. Their plan is to kidnap local boys and girls, the sons and daughters of so called Communists in the community in order to subject them to the utmost degradation while at the same time satiating their own evil vices.