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Author name: Scott LeBrun. - Location: Winnipeg, Canada. -- Not much to speak of. I’m just one of those “ordinary joe” types living a perfectly ordinary life. Working a nine to five (technically, 8:30 - 4:30), Monday to Friday type job, with a volunteer gig at my local Humane Society on the weekends. I’m from Winnipeg, situated almost smack dab in the middle of Canada. My family is scattered all over the continent, with relatives in the East of our country, in California, and in Arizona. I even have a brother temporarily living and working in Australia. As one may be able to guess, I’m a big movie geek, but other interests (I have to round myself out somewhat) include listening to music (I’m a hard rock and metal kind of guy, although I listen to various other genres as well), reading, bicycling, and doing just about anything with my two dogs. I also try to get out and catch as many home games of my local football (the Canadian variety) team as possible each season.

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