Brussels, 5th Snake of June, 2008


Well hello there… Are you lost? Or did you seek this place out?

Either way, welcome to Cultreviews.com. A place where we like to colour outside the frame of mainstream cinema.

About a month ago, an anomalic being who had grown web-building skills wanted to venture into uncharted territory and show them off. His skills, that is. Outerspace Queen Barbarella got him in touch with this vominatric guy, who was on his terms into movie-related matters. A bunch of ideas where thrown into the cauldron, together with some writings, visuals, audio and nude pictures (oh, wait, no, those weren’t involved at that point yet). Around the same time all this was cooking on some Belgian stove, somewhere in America a Nutty Perfesser came up with the idea of assembling some sort of ‘peer review group’ to start up a website with movie reviews. Somehow, the Cosmic Forces of Cyberspace brought the two of them together. The Vominatric One & the Nutty One, that is. It didn’t take long for them to decide to join forces in this undertaking, and Cult Reviews was born.

But behind these organized pixels you see on your screen, goes the – more or less – collaborated efforts of reviewing e-authors on the one hand, and a motley crew of movie fans on the other. We all come from different walks in life. But sometimes we find a certain thing in this life which unites us. In this case? Movies. But are we critics? Ask every single contributor on this site that same question, and most likely you’ll get a different answer each time. If you want to call our writings anything else but reviews, than just consider them ‘thought providings’: We watch movies and express our thoughts on them. And well yeah, sometimes we get a little too creative with our writings, but what the hell.

Other than expressing our thoughts, we also like to be informative, seasoning up our reviews with insightful trivia and useless knowledge. But most of all, we want this a fun place to come back to. A movie-related, virtual funhouse if you will. Writings that go beyond the mere sake of reviewing. An on-going series of reviews for theme-related features. An overview of popular franchises. A listing of ‘best head explosions ever’ (in cinema history, of course). Audio-samples. Video-material. All bets are off here on Cult Reviews.

If you like what you see and read on here, then do come back and visit us again. If you should feel inspired by what you find on this site, then don’t hold back and feel free to drop us a line. An extra author/contributor on Cult Reviews is always welcome. Now go frolic around and enjoy your stay.

The Cult Reviews Team

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PS: We never really considered ourselves a source of inspiration. We probably never will. But then again, we might be. Who knows? The bottomline is: If you can draw inspiration or learn from what all you can read & see on this website, then that’s fine and we’re happy about it. But if you feel the urge to steal, rip off, cash in, pick our brains or perform any act of plagiarism for your own evil, shameless benefit… You deserve no better than to get oep aa bakkes.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Steven Hill at Shillpages.com for delivering on some of the title screen stills you can see in our film reviews.

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