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Terror Out of the Sky

Friday, July 23rd, 2010 by Perfesser Deviant -

Terror Out of the Sky   Terror oot Sky 78 dvd front 83x120 reviews horror Director: Lee H. Katzin
: Peter Nelson, Doris Silverton & Guerdon Trueblood
Release Year
: 1978

Be my hairy he-goat of love.

Doctor David Martin (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) and Jeannie Devereux (Tovah Feldshuh) are bee researchers, trying to breed a better species of honeybee that will resist being taken over by Africanized bees. Something goes wrong and it’s up to Jeannie’s boyfriend Nick Willis (Dan Haggerty) to help the scientists – who would, had this film been made in the 50s, have created the bees using grisly atoms – stop the stingee plague.